Fred Wallace's Cert Level 3 Photo Gallery

May 15, 1999, Higg's Farm

Unless noted, Photo's by Ben Russell

FREDPRE1.JPG (50 Kbytes) FREDPRE2.JPG (43 Kbytes)
Fred and his Rocket (Big Wa-Hoo) Fred, Meagan and his Rocket

FREDPRE6.JPG (46 Kbytes) FREDPREP.JPG (58 Kbytes)
The Name "Big Wa-Hoo" Fred arming the rocket

FREDPRE5.JPG (47 Kbytes) FREDPRE4.JPG (83 Kbytes)
Still arming the rocket The Igniter is in, right?

FREDLFT6.JPG (43 Kbytes) FREDLFT1.JPG (43 Kbytes)
FREDLFT2.JPG (43 Kbytes) FREDLFT3.JPG (43 Kbytes)
FREDLFT4.JPG (43 Kbytes) FREDLFT5.JPG (43 Kbytes)

The launch sequence taken from video, by Ben Russell.


JWFW1.JPG (81.478 bytes) JWFW2.JPG (84,930 bytes) JWFW3.JPG (87,974 bytes)
The Ground crew (Fred Wallace, Joe May, Ben Russell, Ricky Brown, Larry Z.) Building the rocket. T -10
JWFW4.JPG (83,710 bytes)
Liftoff, Congratulations Fred, Photo's by Jill Weber


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