Small Balls 2000 Photo Gallery

Whitakers, NC July 2000

Photo's by Jim Livingston

jlsn1.jpg (62,810bytes) jlsm2.jpg (65,464 bytes) jlsm3.jpg (69,998 bytes) jlsm4.jpg (69,998 bytes)
Dave Bullis, transporting rocket to pad. Dave Bullis, assembling rocket. and more assembling. Liftoff!!


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Going and going and still going.


Photo's by Kathy Gilliand

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Kathy Gilliand, color matching style. Bob Utley and his Sandhawk. Neil McGilvray and Bob Utley comparing size. Neil McGilvray "udder madness"


Photo's by Nadine

nbu1.jpg (95,975 bytes) nbu2.jpg (48,887 bytes)
Bob Utleys Sandhawk on a Kosdon J450 red. Bob Utleys Sandhawk on a Kosdon J450 red.


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