Rhodesdale March 2003 Photo Gallery

March 15-16, 2003, Rhodesdale, Maryland

Photo's by Norwood Truitt



NTRD03031.jpg (169,385 bytes) NTRD03032.jpg (173,501 bytes) NTRD03033.jpg (173,411 bytes) NTRD03034.jpg (138,419 bytes)
Pictures of Norwood Camera rocket of Rhodedale.


NTRD03035.jpg (140,642 bytes) NTRD03036.jpg (176,466 bytes) NTRD03037.jpg (209,179 bytes) NTRD03038.jpg (196,829 bytes)
Pictures of Norwood Camera rocket of Rhodedale.


NTRD03039.jpg (199,271 bytes) NTRD030310.jpg (211,459 bytes) NTRD030311.jpg (177,541 bytes)
Pictures of Norwood Camera rocket of Rhodedale.

Photo's by John Ritz and others.



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Picture5.jpg ( Picture6.jpg Picture7.jpg Picture8.jpg )
Kathy Gilliands Sun Seeker. Lester Sherman's new rocket.


Picture9.jpg Picture10.jpg Picture11.jpg Picture12.jpg
Lester rockets is still going. Jeff Taylor's V2. Vaughn Dickerson Black Brant II on a I212 pro38.


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Picture19.jpg Picture20.jpg Picture21.jpg Picture22.jpg
Fred Schumacher's Overkill 6.


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