Odds and Ends Photo Gallery Part 2

Norwood Truitt "Camera Rocket" took these pictures at Whitakers in June, 1999.

ENDEAV1L.JPG (72,571 bytes) ENDEAV3L.JPG (74,826 bytes) ENDEAV4L.JPG (61,214 bytes) ENDEAV5L.JPG (62,572 bytes)
ENDEAV6L.JPG (146,996 bytes) ENDEAV7L.JPG (87,482 bytes) ENDEAV8L.JPG (87,052 bytes) ENDEAV9L.JPG (86,204 bytes)
ENDEAV10.JPG (68,275 bytes)
Look hard you might see your car.


What do you think Dave Bullis has in mind?

DB01.JPG (70,479 bytes) DB02.JPG (68,048 bytes) DB03.JPG (60,423 bytes)
Recovery area. The rocket. The look.


Fred Wallace's "Big Wa-Hoo" at Whitakers in August, 1999. Photo's by Neil McGilvray.

WAHOOASS.JPG (162,899 bytes) WAHOOTOW.JPG (161.094 bytes) WAHOOTO1.JPG (147,630 bytes) FREDWAHO.JPG (179.716 bytes)
Assembling the rocket . . Arming the rocket
WAHOOLIF.JPG (118,786 bytes)


Ben Russell made this calendar.

FWSKIDMA.JPG (344,935 bytes)
Y2K ready.


Neil McGilvray can find crash rockets anywhere

NEILROCK.JPG (283,223 bytes)
Sure this isn't one of your Neil?


Bob Utley's construction tech. 5.5 Terrier booster

RUBOOT.JPG (58,435 bytes) TRUBOOT2.JPG (45,860 bytes) RUSAND.JPG (60,756 bytes)
Ready to glass the body tube. Trans. for the 5.5" boost to 4" substaner. Fitting the substaner on top.
RUBOOT4.JPG (69,907 bytes) RUBOOT3.JPG (78,031 bytes) RUBOOT5.JPG (62,090 bytes) RUBOOT6.JPG (54,797 bytes)
After foaming the trans. G-10 fins ready to be foamed. Letting the foam cure on the fins. After the foam has been trimmed for shape.


Odds and Ends, Pictures of various launches by various people.

NELSON1.JPG (111,193 bytes) NELSON2A.JPG (108,296 bytes) NELSON3.JPG (114,597 bytes) NELSON4.JPG (112,876 bytes)
Pictures by Nelson Camera Rocket Price Maryland shots. Remember they're backwards Because of the mirror for the shot.


AMSTAN.JPG (67,086 bytes) UPS2.JPG (54,581 bytes) UPS3.JPG (44,582 bytes)
Nelson Wallace's "American Standard" yes it is. Up it goes. Round and round she goes, where she, you know the rest.


JTURN1.JPG (74,400 bytes) JTURN2.JPG (86,097 bytes) JTURN3.JPG (72,109 bytes)
Dave Bullis's "J-Turn" N motor rocket. Gota go? Making sure the nosecone is on tight.


DAVEB1.JPG (128,576 bytes) DAVEB2.JPG (44,296 bytes) DAVEB3.JPG (67,923 bytes) DB31.JPG (76,582 bytes)
Dave Bullis's Level 3 rocket At Whitakers Got Level 3 there Summer 1998?


DB32.JPG (78,526 bytes) EM31.JPG (80,464 bytes) EM32.JPG (59,306 bytes) STOCKTIP.JPG (93,122 bytes)
Bullis's rocket back after recovery Ed Miller's "UFO" Level 3 Ready at Whitakers, got Level 3 Stock Tips anyone, Utley, Wallace, Bullis.


ASHGEM.JPG (60,750 bytes) BENR.JPG (95,630 bytes) EDBRUN.JPG (90,876 bytes) FRED.JPG (79,867 bytes)
Dave Weber with Mike Ash's "Gemini" Level 1 rocket. Ben Russell giving a class? Ed Brun on the move. Fred Wallace's "Big Wahoo" on yet another M motor.


DAVEB4.JPG (58,203 bytes) T-SHIRT.JPG (44,187 bytes) THELINE.JPG (114,302 bytes) UPS1.JPG (49,227 bytes)
Burning up unused AP, what a shame. Good advise anywhere. Another rack to fly Neil McGilvray's rocket, remember that T-shirt?



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