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Battle Park "98", Photo's by Bob Booker

candyst1.jpg (53,798 bytes) equnoixc.jpg (39,213 bytes) candysto.jpg (57,256 bytes)
Pratt Hobbies Kathy Gilliand's Equnoix on a D12 Performance Hobbies
cpunkno1.jpg (43,348 bytes) cpunkno2.jpg (32,480 bytes) cpunkno3.jpg (33,247 bytes)
Unknown Rocket Unknown Rocket Unknown Rocket
cpunkno4.jpg (36,947 bytes) cpunkno5.jpg (35,013 bytes) cpunkno6.jpg (40,931 bytes)
Unknown Rocket Unknown Rocket Unknown Rocket
cpunkno7.jpg (45,313 bytes) tomahawk.jpg (37,714 bytes) sand251.jpg (66,250 bytes)
Unknown Rocket Bob Utley's Tomahawk on a F40 Bob Utley's Sandhawk on a H123
cd110312.jpg (25,952 bytes)
Bob Utley's T/S on a G80. (Photo by Doug Pratt)

Earlier ESL Launches, photo's by Bob Booker

rocket1.jpg (204,968 bytes) rocket2.jpg (130,835 bytes) rocket3.jpg (420,203 bytes)
Kathy Gilliand's "Dots" Unknown Rocket Unknown Rocket
rocket4.jpg (152,698 bytes) kevin.jpg (122,500 bytes) rocket5.jpg (108,602 bytes)
Unknown Rocket Kevin Mitchell Terrier/Sandhawk Unknown Rocket


neil1.jpg (106,150 bytes) neil2.jpg (53,466 bytes) neil3.jpg (66,104 bytes)
Neil McGilvray's "Where's the Beef" Neil McGilvray's Rocket Dave Lucas and Neil McGilvray
neil4.jpg (141,256 bytes) neil6.jpg (141,328 bytes) neil7.jpg (36,001 bytes)
Neil's happy about his Level 2 try Neil McGilvray's "McCloud" J350 McCloud takes to the sky


Maryland Tripoli on TV, photo's by Neil McGilvray

NMTV1.JPG (65,523 bytes) NMTV2.JPG (41,545 bytes) NMTV3.JPG (681,383 bytes)
Dave Young, Dave Bullis getting ready to launch Tommy Higg's and crew Neil's a little slow on this shot
NMTV4.JPG (65,523 bytes) NMTV5.JPG (41,545 bytes)
Dave Young talking to the chopper crew via cell-phone. Camera crew lands in Higg's front yard.


Misc Photo's, by Wayde Winazak

WCATO.JPG (65,523 bytes) WEDBRUN.JPG (41,545 bytes) WFRED.JPG (681,383 bytes)
Someone's CATO. Ed Brun with his "Fat Boy" Fred Wallace and his rockets.
WHATRICK.JPG (65,523 bytes) WIVAN.JPG (41,545 bytes) WKEVIN.JPG (681,383 bytes)
Jeane Barnsley's "Hat Trick" rocket. Ivan Barnsley's rocket fleet. Kevin Mitchell with "Pyso-Screamer".
WMONST.JPG (65,523 bytes) WMONS.JPG (41,545 bytes) WNELSON.JPG (681,383 bytes)
Dave Bullis's "Monster" at liftoff. Dave Bullis's "Monster".... recovery. Nelson Wallace's "Camera Rocket"..
WPETE.JPG (65,523 bytes) WRATS.JPG (41,545 bytes) WRUTER.JPG (681,383 bytes)
Pete Bennett, as RSO.. Guy DeStefano at RATS Mike Rudiger's rockets..
WWBRIAN.JPG (65,523 bytes) WV2TOPL.JPG (41,545 bytes) WWHO3.JPG (681,383 bytes)
Brian Slogick Forward clouser blew. Jousting anyone..


Misc Photo's, by Bill Mantell

BMBM.JPG (65,523 bytes) BMJOEN.JPG (41,545 bytes) BMKATHY.JPG (681,383 bytes)
Bill Mantell, his rocket and grandson. Joe Mays and Norwood Truitt Kathy Gilliand with "Sky Taxi".
BMKEVI.JPG (65,523 bytes) BMNORW.JPG (41,545 bytes) BMRED.JPG (681,383 bytes)
Kevin Mitchell's M1939 to K550 at Whitakers. Norwood Truitts "Camera Rocket" at Whitakers. Joe May's "Monster" on a Red-eye at Whitakers.
BMROC.JPG (65,523 bytes) BMWHO.JPG (41,545 bytes) BMWHO2.JPG (681,383 bytes)
Bill Mantell's Rocket. Joe May's "Bruiser" unknow rocket too.


More Misc. Photo's, by Neil McGilvray

BMROCKET.JPG (65,523 bytes) MMOTOR.JPG (41,545 bytes) MMOTOR2.JPG (681,383 bytes)
Neil McGilvray's "Cowabunga" on a L850 M Cato aftermath at Delaware Space day. More M Cato aftermath at Delaware Space day.
NMCHUT.JPG (65,523 bytes) NMCHUT1.JPG (41,545 bytes) NMDAVE.JPG (681,383 bytes)
Someone's rocket under chute. Brian Slogicks rocket. Dave Bullis and Joe May working on Joe's rocket.
NMROCK2.JPG (65,523 bytes) NMROCK3.JPG (41,545 bytes) NMROCK4.JPG (681,383 bytes)
Cowabunga on the pad Kevin Mitchell's "Psycho Screamer" red & black. Neil McGilvray's "Socially Unacceptable" on a K700
NMROCK5.JPG (65,523 bytes) NMROCK6.JPG (41,545 bytes) NMROCK7.JPG (681,383 bytes)
Joe May's "Draco" on a M2100 Neil McGilvray's "Amazing Grace" on a K800. Amazing Grace on the pad
NMSPARK.JPG (65,523 bytes)
Brian Slogick rocket on a K695.


WHITAKER.JPG (10,828 bytes)
Fred Wallace's "Big Wa-Hoo" at Whitakers, photo by Ben Russell


Delaware Tripoli Launch, photo's by Bill Mantell

DTS1.JPG (65,523 bytes) DTS2.JPG (41,545 bytes) DTS3.JPG (681,383 bytes)
Bob Utley's "Terrier/Sandhawk" at Delaware J415-H123. Bob Utley's "T/S" at T+2 seconds Bob Utley's "T/S" at 2200' and the 2nd stage lit.


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