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( Maryland at Delaware )

Bill Mantell photo's of Delaware October 16, 1999 Launch

bmde3.jpg (54,100 bytes) bmde5.jpg (61,200 bytes) bmde4.jpg (55,900 bytes)
Norwood Truitt's Level 3 project Lester Sherman's Level 3 project Lester's L3 just keeps going

Congratulations to both of you for getting your Level 3.

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Joe May's M powered Camera rocket. keeps going.... and going, and going....


bmde23.jpg (53,000 bytes) bmde24.jpg (53,300 bytes) bmde1.jpg (94,300 bytes)
Ted Proseus's Level 2 rocket on a J460 like most rockets, it just keeps going only the rocket hides his smile after getting Level 2, Congra's.


bmde10.jpg (56.800 bytes) bmde17.jpg (81,800 bytes) bmde18.jpg (64,300 bytes)
Bill Mantell's rocket. Joe May's "Bruiser" rocket. Nelson Wallace "Patriot" on a L850.


bmde19.jpg (64,100 bytes) bmde9.jpg (78,031 bytes) bmde20.jpg (64,700 bytes) bmde2.jpg (82,400 bytes)
Kathy Gilliand's "Two the Stars" on a I300. Kathy Gilliand's "Sun Seeker" on a J250. Neil McGilvray's "Utter Madness" with 2 J350 and a L850. Some of the crew at the launch.


bmde11.jpg (64,100 bytes) bmde12.jpg (78,031 bytes) bmde13.jpg (104,700 bytes) bmde14.jpg (62,400 bytes)
Norwood Truitt's "Black Brant X" on a J350 Tim Nist rocket on a L850 Randy Brust Magnum in the middle Randy Brust's "LOC Magnum" on a K550


bmde15.jpg (64,100 bytes) bmde16.jpg (78,031 bytes) bmde21.jpg (64,700 bytes) bmde22.jpg (82,400 bytes)
Dave Crosby's CC63 on an H128. Denis Lee's Amraam on a G64 Unknown Rocket Ted Proseus ASP under chute.

Bill Mantell photo's of Delaware November 13, 1999 Launch

bmdbr.jpg (29,976 bytes) bmdbu2.jpg (24,937 bytes) bmdbu.jpg (24,515 bytes)
Ben Russel's "Yellow Express" Bob Utley's "Sandhawk" on a K700 Bob's rocket just keeps going


bmdeb.jpg (32,064 bytes) bmdjm.jpg (60,328 bytes) bmdjm2.jpg (30,652 bytes)
Ed Brun's "Flirting with Disaster" on a K550. Joe May's rocket on a red eye. Joe May's rocket.


bmdjm3.jpg (59,903 bytes) bmdkg1.jpg (27,610 bytes) sun2.jpg (60,947 bytes)
Joe May's 2 stage. Kathy Gilliand's "Sun Seeker" on a K700. Kathy with her rocket "Sun Seeker"


2for.jpg (54,694 bytes) bmdnt.jpg (29,943 bytes) bmduc.jpg (31,248 bytes)
Kathy Gilliand with her "2 the Stars" rocket. Norwood Truitt min-dia. rocket on a K250.. Neil McGilvray's "Up Chuck" on a K550 with a pumpkin on board.


bmd2st.jpg (59,771 bytes) bmdkuk2.jpg (32,888 bytes) bmdun1.jpg (30,273 bytes)
Scott Tyrell from PARA rocket. Tom Prestia's 2x Mars Lander on a J180 for his L2. Randy Brust's rocket called "L1" on a I284.



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