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Liberty Project Launch Photo Gallery

May 15,2004, Higgs Farm, Maryland

Photos by Jill Weber

JWLiftoff.jpg JWCruise.jpg JWApogee.jpg JWRecovery2.jpg
Liftoff Cruise Apogee Recovery


JWDSC00672.jpg JWDSC00674.jpg JWDSC00728.jpg JWDSC00730.jpg
Tiger and Payload did all the real work...      


Photos by Curt Newport

CNLiberty01.jpg CNLiberty02.jpg CNLiberty03.jpg CNLiberty05.jpg


Photos by Mike deBey

MDLibertyProject014.jpg MDLibertyProject007.jpg MDLibertyProject011.jpg MDLibertyProject026.jpg


MDLibertyProject030.jpg MDLibertyProject037.jpg MDLibertyProject040.jpg MDLibertyProject042.jpg


Photos by John Ritz

JRIMG_0764.JPG JRIMG_0771.jpg JRIMG_0785.jpg JRIMG_0818.jpg
Arrival at Higgs Farm Dr. Evil inspects the motors Electronics bay


JRBoosterCrash1.JPG JRPadCrater2.jpg JRNoseInTree.jpg JRMainRecovery.jpg
Booster section crash landing Launch Pad crater Nose cone and Main 'chute recovery


Photos by Norwood Truitt

NT0001.JPG NT0006.jpg NT0004.jpg NT0005.JPG


NT0002.jpg NT0003.jpg NT0008.jpg NT0007.jpg
      Without the 500+ lbs of booster, landing was a little farther out than planned



LiftOffThumb1.jpg LiftOffThumb2.jpg LiftOffThumb3.jpg LiftOffThumb4.jpg
Full Flight

Author: Tom Hier   Duration: 1:41   Size: 2.74Mb
Liftoff & Ascent

Author:    Duration: 0:12   Size: 1.57Mb
Pad Camera

Author: John Ritz   Duration: 0:16   Size: 2.07Mb
Slow Motion Replay

Author: Murrett   Duration: 0:47   Size: 1.16Mb


Photos by Dave Olson


Loading1.jpg Loading2.jpg Loading3.jpg
Leaving the Vehicle Assembly Building - Friday May 14, 2004


Motors.jpg RetainerPrep.jpg MotorPrep1.jpg MotorPrep2.jpg
112,000 Ns ready to burn Motor retainer prep Loading the 2nd "O" P-10,500


PadSetup.jpg ForwardPiston1.jpg NoseFit1.jpg ThermiteIgnitors.jpg
Pad setup Forward piston Nose shear pin prep Inspecting the ignitors


NeilInTheBooster1.jpg NeilInTheBooster2.jpg ElectronicsPrep.jpg BoosterInfo1.jpg
"..not only can you climb in it,
but you can operate power tools inside..."
Installing the electronics  


LoadBooster1.jpg LoadBooster4.jpg Payload3.jpg Payload4.jpg
Moving the booster to the pad Moving the payload to the pad Neil had to climb in just one more time
(Not really, he's just on the tower)


NoseLoad1.jpg NoseLoad2.jpg NoseLoad4.jpg Assembled2.jpg
Moving the nose to the pad The finishing touch  


Arming1.jpg Arming2.jpg LCO.jpg Crowd.jpg
Power-up the electronics Installing the ignitors LCO The tension mounts...

Many more to come...


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