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July 1-6, 2004 - Geneseo, New York

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    Photos by Nadine
Copyright © 2004 by Nadine

Copyright 2004 by Nadine
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LDRS 23 Volunteers MDRA@LDRS 23

Mark Canepa's LDRS23 Newsletter

LDRS23.PDF - 1,260K

Photos by Tom Hier

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Darren Wright's rocket on a
Loki demo 98mm L
Tom's 1/2 scale Nike Smoke
on an M1850 Green Gorilla
Glenn Davis' Goldmember

Photos by Kathy Gilliand

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Vendor Row Jerry O'Sullivan and Fred Wallace at the registration table Ed Miller getting set-up

CATO, rather, Video by Bob Utley


UtleyCam2A.wmv (296K bytes) UtleyCam2B.wmv (422K bytes)
Video: Sky in My Eye - Camera A
Duration: 0:41   Size: 296Kb
Video: Sky in My Eye - Camera B
Duration: 1:00   Size: 422Kb

Photos by James Szypula


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MDRA at the LCO table on Sat
Bob Utley, Neil McGilvray, Larry Zupnyk,
LCOs Linda Szypula and Pat Gordzelik at work Another rack ready for launch


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Matt Szypula with his 10mm tube rocket Matt Szypula's lampshade rocket Michael & Matt post flight PAD extraction crew "My Wife's Hat"


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Mike Rossbach's 5.5" Nike on a K445 Andrew Szypula's
LOC Legacy on a G40
Linda Szypula's
pink PML D-Region Tomahawk
"The Mighty Spool"


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Mike Rossbach setting up his Ariel Mike Rossbach's Amraam on a Cesaroni J295


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Sarah Szypula with her 2-stage Peanut Payloader

Photos by Chrissy McGilvray

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Dave Weber lends a hand prepping "Cat's In The Cradle" Neil & his dad Don McGilvray who actually constructed it. Deb Koloms (of BRS) and David Wilkens (of Tripoli Australia) discuss the launch "Cat's In The Cradle" lifting off on an N10,500

Photos by John Ritz

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John's "Plan 9 from outta state" Video: Plan 9 from outta state
Duration: 0:53   Size: 11.0 Mb


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Dave Weber preps "Super Tuber" for what would be it's final successful flight. ...and then, a few days later...  


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Fred Wallace and daughter Megan      


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Neil McGilvray's "Cat's In The Cradle"


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Bob Utley's "Sky-In-My-Eye"  


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    SR-71 Blackbird


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