LDRS 19 Photo Gallery

Orangeburg, SC, July 2000

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skid.mpg (2.964 Kbytes) clip1.mpg (3,104 Kbytes)
Skid mark M motor.
MPG by Louie Berlin
Skid mark drag race.
MPG by Louie Berlin

Photo's by Brian Bellerose

ldrs1.jpg (344,705 bytes) ldrs2.jpg (339,905 bytes) ldrs6.jpg (109,407 bytes)
Vicki Bellerose and future Tripoli members Michael (5) and Thomas (3). With her rocket Brian with the family. Liftoff, on a I284


ldrs3.jpg (383,449 bytes) ldrs4.jpg (355,389 bytes) ldrs5.jpg (333,183 bytes)
Great flight and good recovery. takes a lot of work to get the sock cord back in the rocket and there is still more to stuff back in the rocket.

Photo's by Louie Berlin.

4outboards.jpg (102,998 bytes) blowpop.jpg (111,340 bytes) bowling-ball.jpg (88,450 bytes) dragrace.jpg (68,138 bytes)
Nice cluster rocket Bruce Lee's 2 or is it 3 M's One of the Bowling Ball rockets. Drag racing Skid marks.


lance-beta.jpg (40,207 bytes) centaurus.jpg (46,789 bytes) mercury-redstone.jpg (118,192 bytes) redstone-honestjohn.jpg (111,390 bytes)
Steve Hackett's Lance Beta Centaurus Mercury, Redstone. Redstone, Honest John.


rocket.jpg (74,546 bytes) rocket19.jpg (32,106 bytes) liftoff.jpg (30.325 bytes) liftoff1.jpg (13,323 bytes)
Take your pick. Nice finsh. Nice clean liftoff and yet another one.


a2stage.jpg (107,465 bytes) under-chute.jpg (9,338 bytes) artinspace.jpg (59,058 bytes)
A large 2 stage another good recovery Rocket Art?

See each photo for credit.

gforce.jpg (112,268 bytes) k700yj2.jpg (36,990 bytes) lance-ha.jpg (40,207 bytes) saturday.jpg (180,134 bytes)
Steven Hackett, 3 G40, by S. Hackett Sean McAndrews Bruiser, by unknown. Steven Hackett Lance Beta I211, by S. Hackett. Steven Hackett, L1100 2 J350, by Nadine.


fwldrs1.jpg (50,547 bytes) fwldrs2.jpg (126,861 bytes) fwldrs3.jpg (91,415 bytes) fwldrs4.jpg (98,801 bytes)
Fred Wallace's "Big Wahoo" on a Kosdon M3200, photo by Jerry O'Sullivan. A Friend, Meagan and Fred Wallace. photo by Nadine. Fred Wallace's "Military Justice" on a Kosdon K700, photo by Nadine. Fred Wallace's "4 Banger" on 4 AT 124 Fast BJ, photo by Nadine.


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