MD TRA Photo Gallery

April 4-5th, 1998 launch at the HiggsDairy farm.

tspadsml.jpg (4321 bytes) tslftoffsml.jpg (2986 bytes) tsflt1sml.jpg (2568 bytes)
tsflt2sml.jpg (2364 bytes) Kevin Mitchell's 17 foot tall Terrier Sandhawk takes off on an L952 to 4113' for his cert level 2 attempt. The rocket suffered a zippered bodytube at deployment. tsflt3sml.jpg (2044 bytes)


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Dave Bullis' The Monster takes off on a Kosdon L1860
mnstrlndsml.jpg (3843 bytes)
The Monster touches down in the distance on its 14' Rocketman 'chute.

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