ESL #96 Photo Gallery

April 8-9, 2006, Price, Maryland

Results from the challenge.

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Photos by Brian Wadsley
Photos of flights by: Andrew Diehl,Curt Newport,George Sechrist,Glenn Davis,Jeffery Adams,Jerry O'Sullivan,John Ritz,Kevin Mitchell,Larry Walz,Mike McKeon,Norwood Truitt,Richard Hickok,Scott Tyrrell,Tim Wilsey,Wes Oleszewski

Photos by Scott Tyrrell
Photos of flights by: Curt Newport,Darren Wright,George Sechrist,Mike McKeon,Mitch Guess,Scott Tyrrell,Tracy Singer

Photos by Mitch Guess
Photos of flights by: Bill Cann,Jeffery Adams,Kevin Mitchell,Larry Walz,Mike McKeon,Mitch Guess,Neil McGilvray

Photos by Neil McGilvray
Photos of flights by: Darren Wright,Dennis Lappert,Kevin Mitchell,Scott Tyrrell

Photos by Karen Faggioli
Photos of flights by: Bruce Harris,Curt Newport,Darren Wright,George Sechrist,Jeffery Adams,Jerry O'Sullivan,Jim Cox,John Norris,Mike McKeon

Video by Chuck Rudy
Video of flights by: Alan Gorecki,Dennis Lappert,George Sechrist,Mike McKeon,Mitch Guess,Tim Wilsey

Photos by Nick Andraka
Photos of flights by: Curt Newport,Jeffery Adams,Jim Cox,Larry Walz,Nick Andraka,Norwood Truitt,Zack Andraka

Photos by Jared Sechrist
Photos of flights by: George Sechrist

Video by Bob Utley
Video of flights by: Alan Gorecki,Bill Cann,Bruce Harris,Curt Newport,Dan Michael,Darren Wright,Dennis Lappert,George Sechrist,Glenn Davis,Jeffery Adams,Jerry O'Sullivan,Kevin Mitchell,Larry Walls,Mike McKeon,Mitch Guess,Neil McGilvray,Scott Tyrrell,Tim Wilsey


We appreciate any help in identifying people, places, and rockets, corrections or your suggestions for captions.

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