ESL #95 Photo Gallery

March 11-12, 2006, Price, Maryland

Results from the challenge.

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Photos by Scott Tyrrell
Photos of flights by: Scott Tyrrell

Photos by Nick Andraka
Photos of flights by: Bill Brown,Brian Wadsley,Fred Highland,Glenn Davis,Jim Cox,John Kowal,Kathy Gilliand,Mike McBurnett,Nick Andraka,Richard Hickok,Rob Bazinet,Rob Lilley,Tim Wilsey,Tracy Singer,Wes Oleszewski

Photos & Video by Brad Snyder
Photos & Video of flights by: Dan Michael

Photos by Dan Michael
Photos of flights by: Dan Michael,Tim Wilsey

Photos by Brian Wadsley
Photos of flights by: Brian Wadsley,Dan Michael,Dennis Lappert,Fred Highland,Glenn Davis,Ivan Galysh,Jerry O'Sullivan,Mike McBurnett,Phil Stein,Richard Hickok,Rob Bazinet,Steve Heller

Video by Chuck Rudy
Video of flights by: Chuck Rudy,Dan Michael,Dennis Lappert,Rob Bazinet,Tim Wilsey

Photos by Glenn Diener
Photos of flights by: Glenn Diener

Photos by Tracy Singer
Photos of flights by: Bill Brown,Glenn Davis

Photos by David Jarkey
Photos of flights by: Bill Brown,Brian Wadsley,Dan Michael,David Jarkey,Glenn Davis,Ivan Galysh,Jeff Davenport,Kathy Gilliand,Mike McBurnett,Rob Bazinet,Rob Freimayer,Ron Follweiler,Steve Proksch,Tim Wilsey,Tracy Singer

Photos by Mike McBurnett
Photos of flights by: Darren Wright,Dave Weber,Fred Highland,Steve Heller,Wes Oleszewski

Photos by Neil McGilvray
Photos of flights by: David Jarkey

Photos by Jill Weber
Photos of flights by: Alex Deschenes,Bill Brown,Bill Cann,Brian Wadsley,Chuck Rudy,Dan Michael,Dave Olson,Dave Weber,David Jarkey,Dennis Lappert,Fred Highland,Glenn Davis,Glenn Diener,Jeff Davenport,Jerry O'Sullivan,Jim Cox,John Ritz,Kathy Gilliand,LeRoy Bonawitz,Neil McGilvray,Nelson Wallace,Rob Bazinet,Ron Follweiler,Scott Tyrrell,Steve Heller,Steve Proksch,Tim Wilsey,Wes Oleszewski

Video by Bob Utley
Video of flights by: Bill Brown,Brian Wadsley,Chuck Rudy,Dan Michael,Darren Wright,Dave Olson,Dennis Lappert,Fred Highland,Glenn Davis,Jerry O'Sullivan,John Ritz,Kevin Mitchell,Mike deBey,Neil McGilvray,Rob Bazinet,Scott Tyrrell,Steve Heller,Tim Wilsey


We appreciate any help in identifying people, places, and rockets, corrections or your suggestions for captions.

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