ESL #80 Photo Gallery

January 8-9, 2005, Price, Maryland

Photos by Phil Tomeo

CathyRocket.jpg (148K bytes) Jan9-2005-002.jpg (306K bytes) Jan9-2005-005.jpg (223K bytes) Jan9-2005-006.jpg (201K bytes)
Kathy Gilliand's Sleep Inn on an F25 Russ Miller & Chuck Rudy The Flight Line Dave & Kathy


Jan9-2005-007.jpg (124K bytes) Jan9-2005-008.jpg (91K bytes) Jan9-2005-009.jpg (109K bytes) Jan9-2005-010.jpg (101K bytes)
Carson Lappert's X Caliber on an H128 JD Davenport's Caliber EX on an I245 Brian Wadsley's Warthog on an F21


Jan9-2005-011.jpg (139K bytes) Jan9-2005-012.jpg (99K bytes) Jan9-2005-013.jpg (112K bytes) Jan9-2005-014.jpg (98K bytes)
Glenn Davis' Pac 3 on a K450 Bill Brown's Sub-Zero on a J350 John Ritz's Iris on a J500


Jan9-2005-016.jpg (104K bytes) Jan9-2005-017.jpg (142K bytes) Jan9-2005-018.jpg (125K bytes) Jan9-2005-023.jpg (179K bytes)
Dennis Lappert's Bad Attitude on a K485 Nick Sinclair's Maxtrax on a C6 Le Bonawitz's Cyciti on an H220 Mike, Zack, & Kim deBey, Bob Utley, James Kelly in Fred Schumachers Truck - Fred's gonna need new shocks....


Jan9-2005-024.jpg (107K bytes) Jan9-2005-025.jpg (94K bytes) Jan9-2005-026.jpg (90K bytes) JaysBlackBrant-AlsM-3000motor.jpg (90K bytes)
Curt Newport's Proteus III on an N2000 Jay Maranhao's "Black Brant 2"


Level3attemp1.jpg (111K bytes) Level3attemp2.jpg (90K bytes) Neil1.jpg (103K bytes)
Shawn Forsythe's level 3 attempt with his Nike Smoke on a M-1850 Neil McGilvray's Cold Comfort on a K750


Phils AmrAlsMotor.jpg (89K bytes) PhilsAmram-Als-J-1200motor.jpg (107K bytes)
Phil's Amram-4 on a J120

Photos by Russ Miller

P1090003.jpg (256K bytes) P1090005.jpg (218K bytes) P1090006.jpg (254K bytes) P1090007.jpg (207K bytes)
Dennis Lappert's Hawk Mountain "Bad Attitude" Jim Cox Al Goncalves, Jeff Davenport, Jay Maranhao, Chuck and Wes Rudy


P1090009.jpg (247K bytes) P1090010.jpg (249K bytes) P1090012.jpg (241K bytes) P1090013.jpg (255K bytes)
Jay Maranhao and "Black Brant 2" Neil's new toy: BullPup AGM12-C Jim Cox's collection. Don't leave home without them. Kim, Nick and Zack deBey


P1090016.jpg (242K bytes) P1090017.jpg (264K bytes) P1090018.jpg (240K bytes) P1090019.jpg (227K bytes)
Mike, Kim, Nick and Zack deBey Jim Cox Glenn Davis and Bill Brown John Ritz with "Iris"


P1090020.jpg (224K bytes) P1090027.jpg (189K bytes) P1090028.jpg (190K bytes) P1090029.jpg (227K bytes)
Bruce Cannio Nelson Wallace Ed Romanni


P1090030.jpg (192K bytes) P1090031.jpg (182K bytes) P1090032.jpg (203K bytes) P1090033.jpg (226K bytes)
Glenn Davis with "Gold Member" John Ritz with "Iris" John, Glenn & Bill


P1090035.jpg (176K bytes) P1090037.jpg (193K bytes) P1090038.jpg (197K bytes) P1090041.jpg (225K bytes)
Nelson, Jerry, Bob at RSO The line at the registration table must be really long.... Dave Weber


P1090039.jpg (211K bytes) P1090045.jpg (208K bytes) P1090049.jpg (153K bytes) P1090050.jpg (147K bytes)
Rob and Anjelica Freimayer Ted Proceus' Javlein on an H-100 Bill Brown's Sub-Zero on a J350

Video by Jerry O'Sullivan

bill_brown_magenta.mpeg (3.73M bytes) glenn_davis_sexshunate.mpeg (9.15M bytes)
Due for Extinction - Bill Brown
Duration: 0:22   Size: 3.73Mb
Format: MPEG   Author: Jerry O'Sullivan
Sex Shun Ate - Glenn Davis
Duration: 0:54   Size: 9.15Mb
Format: MPEG   Author: Jerry O'Sullivan

Video by Chuck Rudy (686K bytes) (3.16M bytes) (1.38M bytes) (1.87M bytes)
Endeavor - Jim Cox
Duration: 0:01   Size: 686Kb
Format: QuickTime   Author: Chuck Rudy
Maxam - JD Davenport
Duration: 0:01   Size: 3.16Mb
Format: QuickTime   Author: Chuck Rudy
M3000 - Jay Maranhao
Duration: 0:01   Size: 1.38Mb
Format: QuickTime   Author: Chuck Rudy
Slo-Mo - Jay Maranhao
Duration: 0:01   Size: 1.87Mb
Format: QuickTime   Author: Chuck Rudy (1.48M bytes) (2.45M bytes) (2.80M bytes)
Pad Camera - Jay Maranhao
Duration: 0:01   Size: 1.48Mb
Format: QuickTime   Author: Chuck Rudy
Pad Camera - Wes Rudy
Duration: 0:01   Size: 2.45Mb
Format: QuickTime   Author: Chuck Rudy
Goldmember - Glenn Davis
Duration: 0:01   Size: 2.80Mb
Format: QuickTime   Author: Chuck Rudy (1.77M bytes) (1.92M bytes)
Cold Comfort - Neil McGilvray
Duration: 0:01   Size: 1.77Mb
Format: QuickTime   Author: Chuck Rudy
Tuber #184 - Dave Weber
Duration: 0:01   Size: 1.92Mb
Format: QuickTime   Author: Chuck Rudy

Photos by Mike Munn

MDRA1-9-05-1.jpg (56K bytes) MDRA1-9-05-2.jpg (14K bytes) MDRA1-9-05-3.jpg (16K bytes) MDRA1-9-05-4.jpg (17K bytes)
Neil walking out to pad to launch "Cold Comfort" on a K-750 with Fred Schumacher as his wingman, Bob Utley looks on in disbelief and behind them Al Goncalves and Tim Hetland about to run for cover. Richard Hickock's Whitey on an I-211 Jim Cox's Endeavor on a J528 Dave Weber's Nighthawk on three I200's


MDRA1-9-05-5.jpg (18K bytes) MDRA1-9-05-6.jpg (15K bytes) MDRA1-9-05-7.jpg (15K bytes) MDRA1-9-05-8.jpg (19K bytes)
Glenn Davis' Sex Shun Ate on a K1100 Russ Miller's Arrow-Bix on an L1100 Unknown #7 Steve Proksch's Nothin' Special on an H97


MDRA1-9-05-9EstesAvenger.jpg (18K bytes) MDRA1-9-05-10.jpg (21K bytes) MDRA1-9-05-11.jpg (20K bytes) MDRA1-9-05-12.jpg (18K bytes)
Le Bonawitz's Avenger on two B3's Le Bonawitz's Lil Nuke on a G40 Dave Weber's Tuber on an H97 Charles Sinclair's Camelion on a G64


MDRA1-9-05-13.jpg (19K bytes) MDRA1-9-05-14.jpg (19K bytes) MDRA1-9-05-15.jpg (13K bytes) MDRA1-9-05-16.jpg (13K bytes)
Steve Proksch's Gadfly on an I284 Neil McGilvray's Cold Comfort on a K750 Unknown #16


MDRA1-9-05-17.jpg (16K bytes) MDRA1-9-05-18.jpg (13K bytes) MDRA1-9-05-19.jpg (19K bytes)
Jay Maranhao & Al Goncalves' Black Brant on a M-3000 Curt Newport's Proteus III on an N2000 Chuck Hartley's Tethys on an H128


MDRA1-9-05-20.jpg (14K bytes) MDRA1-9-05KATO.jpg (19K bytes)
Alex Deschenes' Double Trouble on an H180 and a G20 Glenn Davis' Goldmember

Photos by John Ritz

CanYouDigItMan.JPG (980K bytes) DigginRockets.JPG (803K bytes) DavenportBlueH.JPG (900K bytes) DudeWhereIsMyMotor.JPG (693K bytes)
Looks like Nelson is thinking he might be able to save a few steps.... Static test of Davenport Blue H motor Unknown #4


IMG_1658.JPG (607K bytes) IMG_1662.JPG (652K bytes) MarsSnooper.JPG (683K bytes) MrTubular180ish.JPG (594K bytes)
Alex Deschenes' Intruder on a G80 Carson Lappert's X Caliber on an H128 Rob Freimayer's Mars Snooper on an F24 Dave Weber's Tuber on an H97


Range.JPG (968K bytes) SilverStreakCATO.JPG (588K bytes) WhatWouldAlDo.JPG (765K bytes)
Pit Area Silver Streak CATO K-400 static test to determine aluminum quality


We appreciate any help in identifying people, places, and rockets, corrections or your suggestions for captions.

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