ESL #79 Photo Gallery

December 11-12, 2004, Higgs Farm, Price, Maryland

Video by Chuck Rudy (2.0M bytes) (1.1M bytes)
Video: AMW L1300
Steve & Mark Heller
Duration: 0:10   Size: 2.0Mb   Format: Quicktime
Video: Mono-copter
Wes Rudy
Duration: 0:15   Size: 1.1Mb   Format: Quicktime (1.5M bytes) (2.1M bytes) (3.05M bytes) (1.85M bytes)
Video: Dave Bullis K550
Duration: 0:15   Size: 1.5Mb   Format: Quicktime
Video: Initiator F25
Kathy Gilliand
Duration: 0:21   Size: 2.1Mb   Format: Quicktime
Video: Chubbsy K700
Steve & Mark Heller
Duration: 0:10   Size: 3.05Mb   Format: Quicktime
Video: John Ritz L1100
Duration: 0:19   Size: 1.85Mb   Format: Quicktime

Photos by Curt Newport

12120401.jpg ( bytes) 12120402.jpg ( bytes) 12120403.jpg ( bytes) 12120404.jpg ( bytes)
Curt's Proteus III
Apogee at 13,352ft, peak velocity 783 mph, peak acceleration 11.9gs. Damaged a fin when recovery charges failed to deploy mains.

Video by Ray Wright

Rancor.wmv (4.1M bytes)
Video: Rancor - Neil McGilvray
Duration: 1:08   Size: 4.1Mb   Format: WinMedia


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