ESL #77 Photo Gallery

October 23-24, 2004, Higgs Farm, Price, Maryland

Photos by Russ Miller

PA230013.jpg (395K bytes) PA230014.jpg (405K bytes) PA230015.jpg (288K bytes) PA230035.jpg (243K bytes)
Back at the Higgs' Farm for another season Looks like we brought last week's Coverdale wind along for some more fun recoveries... Dave Weber's Sky Raider...
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Bill Brown's "Due for Extinction" ...gone.


PA230046.jpg (434K bytes) PA230042.jpg (381K bytes) PA230005.jpg (341K bytes) PA230048.jpg (404K bytes)
Mike Ashe helps his daugther, Victoria and son, Richard prepare for some family fun. "But dad, Mr. Bullis always says the to keep the pointy end up and fiery end down!" The thrill of victory....  ...and the agony of defeat.


PA230038.jpg (315K bytes) PA230039.jpg (398K bytes) PA230040.jpg (389K bytes) PA230041.jpg (348K bytes)
Richard and Victoria get some more help from Pad Manager Glenn Davis


PA230020.jpg (307K bytes) PA230025.jpg (297K bytes) PA230021.jpg (311K bytes) PA230022.jpg (174K bytes)
Scott McCluskey preps his 2-stage Standard Arm. Experimental propelant: M2000 to K550.
Booster was recovered, Sustainer is MIA. See more at


PA230016.jpg (271K bytes) PA230018.jpg (241K bytes) PA230054.jpg (250K bytes) PA230056.jpg (181K bytes)
The RSO looks over Glenn Davis' "Arrow Bic" on an L800


PA230045.jpg (337K bytes) PA230049.jpg (385K bytes) PA230004.jpg (177K bytes)
Bill Brown prepares to fly "Sub-Zero" Ivan Galysh's "Caliber ISP" on an H-70 Hybrid


Photos by Sharon Lilley

MDRA_02.jpg ( bytes)
Kathy Gilland lends a hand to Lynn Reamy at the pad Rob and Bill Lilley prep. an Aerotech Sumo for flight on a G-80

Photos by Jerry O'Sullivan

DSC_0155.jpg ( bytes) DSC_0250.jpg ( bytes) DSC_0253.jpg ( bytes) DSC_0166.jpg ( bytes)
Jerry's "High 5" Michael Munn's "Arcas"   Ben Russell's "Silver Streak"


DSC_0159.jpg ( bytes) DSC_0172.jpg ( bytes) DSC_0174.jpg ( bytes) DSC_0180.jpg ( bytes)
Neil McGilvray's "Cat's in the Cradle"


DSC_0198.jpg ( bytes) DSC_0199.jpg ( bytes) DSC_0200.jpg ( bytes) DSC_0202.jpg ( bytes)
Scott McCluskey's 2-stage Standard Arm.


DSC_0162.jpg ( bytes) DSC_0206.jpg ( bytes) DSC_0207.jpg ( bytes) DSC_0209.jpg ( bytes)
Dave Weber's Sky Raider


DSC_0216.jpg ( bytes) DSC_0217.jpg ( bytes) DSC_0218.jpg ( bytes) DSC_0226.jpg ( bytes)
Jerry's Terrier Smoke


DSC_0232.jpg ( bytes) DSC_0239.jpg ( bytes) DSC_0245.jpg ( bytes) DSC_0248.jpg ( bytes)
Dave Weber's "Tuber" - Flight 186 Ivan Galysh's ISP Caliber Kathy Gilliand's V-2


DSC_0213.jpg ( bytes)

Photos by Michael Munn

IMG0053.jpg ( bytes) IMG0023.jpg ( bytes) IMG0001.jpg ( bytes) IMG0123.jpg ( bytes)
Amen Russ Miller readies his rocket Mike Ashe and family setup for another flight  


IMG0041.jpg ( bytes) IMG0052.jpg ( bytes) IMG0071.jpg ( bytes) IMG0193.jpg ( bytes)
Dave Weber with "Sky Raider"


IMG0072.jpg ( bytes) IMG0082.jpg ( bytes) IMG0091.jpg ( bytes) IMG0092.jpg ( bytes)
Glenn Davis and Russ Miller prep the "Arrow Bic" Bill Brown arms "Sub-Zero" for flight CATO Mark Polansky with his Endeavor on a K-950


IMG0102.jpg ( bytes) IMG0103.jpg ( bytes) IMG0111.jpg ( bytes) IMG0114.jpg ( bytes)
Mark Polansky & Rob Super and Dave Weber arm their rockets for flight Jerry O'Sullivan and Scott McCluskey carry out the Standard Arm Mike Munn's Alpha Mark Polansky's Nike Hercules
on a J-350


IMG0143.jpg ( bytes) IMG0155.jpg ( bytes) IMG0054.jpg ( bytes) IMG0061.jpg ( bytes)
Jerry O'Sullivan's "High 5" on
a K-1250 Green Gorilla
Anjelica Freimayer with her "Mars Snooper"


IMG0203.jpg ( bytes) IMG0154.jpg ( bytes) IMG0195.jpg ( bytes) IMG0233.jpg ( bytes)
  Bill Brown's "Due for Extinction" Rob Friemayer's "Big Brute" Rob Roberts "Un-EZ-I" on a I-430


IMG0202.jpg ( bytes) IMG0192.jpg ( bytes) IMG0221.jpg ( bytes) IMG0212.jpg ( bytes)
Michael with his Arcas on a G-64  


IMG0232.jpg ( bytes) IMG0201.jpg ( bytes) IMG0196.jpg ( bytes) IMG0234.jpg ( bytes)
Michael's certification flight Dave Weber preps his V-2


IMG0243.jpg ( bytes) IMG0073.jpg ( bytes) IMG0191.jpg ( bytes)
Don Brown preps Skeeter while Paul Miller looks on 4" Skeeter scoots on an I161W Chuck Hartley flew his Tethys on a H-242 to Level 1 Certification


IMG0022.jpg ( bytes) IMG0032.jpg ( bytes)
Rob Lilly's "Sumo" waiting for the RSO  

Video by Bob Utley

higgs1.mpg (3.41M bytes) higgs2.mpg (4.35M bytes) higgs3.mpg (2.69M bytes) higgs4.mpg (1.60M bytes)
Video: Higgs1
Duration: 00:15   Size: 3.41Mb
Format: MPEG
Video: Higgs2
Duration: 00:12   Size: 4.35Mb
Format: MPEG
Video: Higgs3
Duration: 00:13   Size: 2.69Mb
Format: MPEG
Video: Higgs4
Duration: 00:13   Size: 1.60Mb
Format: MPEG


higgs5.mpg (1.57M bytes) higgs6.mpg (2.57M bytes) higgsDebey.mpg (3.32M bytes) higgsDebey2.mpg (1.93M bytes)
Video: Higgs5
Duration: 00:15   Size: 1.57Mb
Format: MPEG
Video: Higgs6
Duration: 00:15   Size: 2.57Mb
Format: MPEG
Video: Mike deBey
Duration: 00:15   Size: 3.32Mb
Format: MPEG
Video: Mike deBey (2)
Duration: 00:09   Size: 1.93Mb
Format: MPEG


higgsdbeard.mpg (1.85M bytes) higgsfwallace.mpg (3.63M bytes) higgskathy.mpg (2.85M bytes) higgsmmunn.mpg (3.35M bytes)
Video: Doug Beard
Duration: 00:09   Size: 1.85Mb
Format: MPEG
Video: Fred Wallace
Duration: 00:16   Size: 3.63Mb
Format: MPEG
Video: Kathy Gilliand
Duration: 00:14   Size: 2.85Mb
Format: MPEG
Video: Mike Munn
Duration: 00:15   Size: 3.35Mb
Format: MPEG


higgsjo.mpg (1.71M bytes) higgsweber.mpg (3.67 bytes) NeilComments.mpg (10.76M bytes) NeilFlight.mpg (6.78M bytes)
Video: Jerry O'Sullivan
Duration: 00:08   Size: 1.71Mb
Format: MPEG
Video: Dave Weber - "Tuber"
Duration: 00:16   Size: 3.67Mb
Format: MPEG
Video: Neil McGilvray - Preflight
Duration: 00:51   Size: 10.76Mb
Format: MPEG
Video: "Cats In The Cradle"
Duration: 00:32   Size: 6.78Mb
Format: MPEG


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