ESL #76 Photo Gallery

August 7-8, 2004, Central Sod Farm, Maryland

IMG_0601.jpg ( bytes) IMG_0604.jpg ( bytes) IMG_0607.jpg ( bytes)
David Bullis
Co-Founder & 1st President 2000-2003
Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association
In appreciation for 4 years of service
cutting a path and blazing a trail
to new heights in rocketry.
"Keep the pointy end up and the fiery end down"


Photos by Bob Mosner

IMG_2973.jpg ( bytes) IMG_2985.jpg ( bytes) IMG_2979.jpg ( bytes) Rockets3.jpg ( bytes)
Mike deBey & Sons setup
for a drag race;
Rob Freimayer's Comanche
ready for launch
Scott Branche with his transmitting video rocket.
(Hope to have some of the captured downlink video soon...)


IMG_2974.jpg ( bytes) IMG_2996_2.jpg ( bytes) IMG_2988.jpg ( bytes) IMG_2989.jpg ( bytes)
Glenn Davis' rocket    


IMG_2984.jpg ( bytes) IMG_3007.jpg ( bytes) IMG_2983.jpg ( bytes) Rockets4.jpg ( bytes)
Fred Schumacher's "Nasty Habit" Fred Wallace's "The Rocket Formerly Known as Barney" Brian Wadsley's "3 Times A Charm"
(3rd attempt of his level 2 using pieces of other rockets on his Sidewinder booster)


Photos by David Jarkey

2004_0807_152232AA.JPG ( bytes) 2004_0807_154948AA.JPG ( bytes) 2004_0807_155100AA.JPG ( bytes) LampShade.mpg ( bytes)
David's Lamp Shade rocket Video: Lamp Shade
Duration: 00:36   Size: 4.0Mb
Format: MPEG


2004_0807_170202AA.JPG ( bytes) 2004_0807_174556AB.JPG ( bytes) 2004_0807_162916AB.JPG ( bytes)
Kevin Mitchell's "Stovi"
on 7 D12's
Jerry O'Sullivan's "Nike Smoke" Brian Wadsley's "Sidewinder"


Photos by Curt Newport

04080801.jpg ( bytes) 04080804.jpg ( bytes) 04080805.jpg ( bytes) 04080806.jpg ( bytes)
Curt's "Proteus III" on a L1000 BMW whiteload.
Obtained 3,974 feet at 341 mph. Landed in the trees north of the field but has been recovered.


Photos by John Ritz

IMG_1236.JPG ( bytes) IMG_1237.JPG ( bytes) IMG_1238.JPG ( bytes) IMG_1247.JPG ( bytes)
John's "Fluttering Heights"
on a K1000 Skid-Mark
Norwood Truitt's "Trail Blazer" Brian Wadsley's "Sidewinder"
on a J350


IMG_1255.JPG ( bytes) IMG_1261.JPG ( bytes) IMG_1263.JPG ( bytes) IMG_1266.JPG ( bytes)
Doug Cameron's "Concept III"
on a J350
Tom McDonald's "Asp"
A rare PRO38 failure.
Kathy Gilliand's "Pink Impulse"
on 2 D-12's
Bob Utley's "Sky In My Eye"
on an M2000


IMG_1269.JPG ( bytes) IMG_1273.JPG ( bytes) IMG_1274.JPG ( bytes) IMG_1276.JPG ( bytes)
Bill Brown's "Frost Bite"
on a J350
Nelson Wallace's "Bruiser"
on a EXP K700
Scott Tyrell's "Flipper II"
I366 to a J400
Dave Olson's "Nimbus"
on an I287 Smokey-Sam


IMG_1277.JPG ( bytes) IMG_1282.JPG ( bytes) IMG_1257.JPG ( bytes) IMG_1240.JPG ( bytes)
Neil McGilvray's "Slam Dance"
on a K650
Bill Davidson's "Pterodactyl Jr."
on a G69
Fred Wallace's "The Rocket Formally Known as Barney"
on a L1500
Bob Lussier's "Viking"
on a G80 and 2 G40's


IMG_1286.JPG ( bytes) IMG_1243.JPG ( bytes) IMG_1290.JPG ( bytes)
John's "Long Gone" Queen Anne's County's finest joining in on the family fun The end of a fine weekend...


Photos by Jerry O'Sullivan

Concept98.jpg (13K bytes) DSC_0039.JPG ( bytes) sodutleyjo.wmv (4.77M bytes)
Bill Schworer and Jerry O'Sullivan with "Concept98".
Liftoff on a Loki star grain J-800 and carrying a very expensive Athena test electronics payload.
Bill Schworer with Athena VP Matt Hutchinson Video: Sky in My Eye
Duration: 1:59   Size: 4.77Mb
Format: WinMedia


DSC_0042.JPG ( bytes) DSC_0043.JPG ( bytes)
The deBey family enjoys the beautiful afternoon


Photos by Dave Olson

IMG_0587.jpg ( bytes) IMG_0583.jpg ( bytes) IMG_0589.jpg ( bytes) IMG_0608.jpg ( bytes)
  Anjelica & Rob Freimayer


IMG_0611.jpg ( bytes) IMG_0612.jpg ( bytes) IMG_0613.jpg ( bytes) IMG_0617.jpg ( bytes)
Near perfect weather made for great turn out.


IMG_0618.jpg ( bytes) IMG_0619.jpg ( bytes) IMG_0620.jpg ( bytes) IMG_0625.jpg ( bytes)
      Jim Williams and family


IMG_0623.jpg ( bytes) IMG_0621.jpg ( bytes) IMG_0656.jpg ( bytes)
Mike deBey and sons John Gramick setting up his "SS Arrow" on a G-35 Bob Utley's "Sky In My Eye"


Video by Chuck Rudy (1.3M bytes)
Video: "Heads Up In The Toilet"
Duration: 0:33   Size: 1.3Mb   Format: QuickTime


We appreciate any help in identifying people, places, and rockets, corrections or your suggestions for captions.

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