ESL #75 Photo Gallery

July 24-25, 2004, Central Sod Farm, Maryland

Photos by John Rich

jrich-DSC_0056.jpg (239K bytes) jrich-DSC_0058.jpg (302K bytes) jrich-DSC_0061.jpg (268K bytes) jrich-DSC_0067.jpg (276K bytes)
  Dave Weber's 7 motor cluster Glenn Davis' Bits-and-Pieces Dick Stafford's UFO
(not really unidentified though-
those are the motors flying out of it...)


jrich-DSC_0073.jpg (175K bytes) jrich-DSC_0066.jpg (304K bytes) jrich-DSC_0068.jpg (253K bytes) jrich-DSC_0069.jpg (251K bytes)
Brian Wadsley's Astrobee Another of Seth Chapman's
fleet lifts off
Glenn Davis' Goldmember

Photos by Vince Leonardi

vl-DSCF0354.JPG (613K bytes) vl-DSCF0355.JPG (415K bytes) vl-DSCF0370.JPG (384K bytes) Warlock1.mpg (8.5M bytes)
Vince came back to re-certify after a brief hiatus - Welcome back! Savannah Leonardi preps her rocket Ready for the flight of
the Warlock on an I357
Video: Warlock Flight
Duration: 00:50   Size: 8.5Mb
Low res version: 4.3Mb

Photos by Mike Candell

mc-105_0565.JPG ( bytes) mc-105_0564_r1.jpg ( bytes)
Dave Weber's 7 motor cluster Glenn Davis' Bits-and-Pieces

Photos by John Ritz

jr-BillGlen.JPG ( bytes) jr-BillBrown.jpg ( bytes)
Bill Brown with his Level 2 rocket "Frost Bite"

Photos and Video by Dave Olson

BalsaDerby1.jpg ( bytes) BalsaDerby2.jpg ( bytes) BalsaDerby3.jpg ( bytes) BalsaDerby.mpg (4.35M bytes)
Members of Cub Scout Pack 495 get set for their 1st annual Balsa-wood Derby.
Ricky Yslas: Alpha-3    Tim Cauldwell: Heat Seeker    Tommy Cauldwell: Freaky Flyer   Emilio Yslas: Whiskey Girl
Video: Balsa Wood Derby
Duration: 00:26   Size: 4.3Mb
Low res version: 2.2Mb


JimWilliams2.jpg (244K bytes) SonicBoom.jpg (408K bytes) SonicBoom2.jpg (240K bytes) Pringles.jpg (240K bytes)
Cub Master Jim Williams gives a quick lesson in flying model rockets Cameron, Mark, Benjamin, Myha, Johnathan and Carson
help get Sonic Boom ready for flight
Patrick checks-in with his
Pringles can rocket


Seth-FlyingColors.jpg (374K bytes) SethComanche3.jpg (345K bytes) SethScratch.avi (1.9M bytes)  ( bytes)
Seth Chapman preps Flying Colors... ...and his Comanche-3...
Video: 2-Stage Flight   Size: 2.6Mb

Video: 3-Stage Flight   Size: 2.7Mb
...and learns that sometimes things don't go as planned.
Video: Scratch Built   Size: 1.9Mb
Allie Scrimgeour preps Sparkle for its ump-teenth flight of the day
Video: Sparkle Flight   Size: 2.0Mb


UFO.mpg (5.4M bytes) SkyRaider1.mpg (15.2M bytes) Numb.avi (958K bytes) Concept98.mpg (10.9M bytes)
Video: UFO
Flyer: Dick Stafford   Duration: 00:16   Size: 5.4Mb
Video: Sky Raider
J800 to 2 air-started H220 Silver Streaks
Flyer: Dave Weber   Duration: 01:30   Size: 15.1Mb
Low res version: 7.8Mb
Video: Comfortably Numb
on a K450
Flyer: Neil McGilvray   Duration: 0:13   Size: 958Kb
Video: Concept98
on a J460
Flyer: Jerry O'Sullivan/Bill Schworer
Duration: 1:04   Size: 10.9Mb


BrainlessTrust3.jpg (833K bytes) Kathy-DaveRSO2.avi ( bytes) IMG_0566.jpg (412K bytes) StaticTest.mpg (1.2M bytes)
The MDRA Brain(less) Trust pauses to determine why Bob Utley hasn't flown yet... Kathy Gilliand setting new trends in rocketry fashion
(Pink rocket/Orange 'chute)
Video   Duration: 0:25   Size: 2.1Mb

  Video: Static Test
Liberty Blue 22, 1750 Ns
Duration: 0:06   Size: 1.2Mb


Freimayer1.jpg (888k bytes) Redstone.mpg (4.98M bytes) BigDaddy.mpg (4.5Mb bytes) Freimayer4.jpg (861K bytes)
Rob & Anjelica Freimayer with their Mercury Redstone Video: Mercury Redstone
on an E11   Flyer: Rob Freimayer
Duration: 00:29   Size: 4.9Mb
Video: Big Daddy
on 3 D12s   Flyer: Anjelica Freimayer
Duration: 00:27   Size: 4.5Mb
Freimayer's get their UFO RSO'd


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