ESL #74 Photo Gallery

June 12-13, 2004, Central Sod Farm, Maryland

Photo's by John Ritz


jr-BillSchworer.JPG (194K bytes) jr-BillLevel3.jpg (164K bytes) jr-Bill3Liftoff.JPG (218K bytes) jr-Bill3Recovery.JPG (465K bytes)
Bill Schworer preparing for his Level 3
attempt with NAR L3CC Jerry O'Sullivan
Liftoff Smooth landing just
short of the trees.
The 3rd time's the charm Bill. Congratulations.


jr-TetraPrep.JPG (197K bytes) jr-TetraLiftoff.jpg (160K bytes) jr-TetraLand2.jpg (297K bytes)
John Ritz with his Tetrahedron


jr-JerryO2.jpg ( bytes) jr-BobPrep2.JPG ( bytes) IMG_0979.JPG ( bytes)
Jerry O'Sullivan's Nike Smoke Bob Utley arming altimeters Preping the King Viper


JohnWl.jpg ( bytes) IMG_0977.JPG ( bytes) Unknown1.JPG ( bytes)
  Glenn Davis' Patriot PAC-3 Flight #41  

Photos by Kathy Gilliand


sky1.jpg (151K bytes) sky3.jpg (125K bytes) sky5.jpg (159K bytes) Kathy1.jpg (135K bytes)
Bob preping "Sky in My Eye"   Kathy ready to fly -
color coordinated as always

Video by Bob Utley


UtleyCam1A.wmv (434K bytes) UtleyCam1B.wmv (581K bytes)
Video: Sky in My Eye - Camera A
Duration: 1:00   Size: 434Kb
Video: Sky in My Eye - Camera B
Duration: 1:22   Size: 581Kb

Photo's and Video by Mike McBurnett


MM-JerryO3.jpg (303K bytes) MM-JerryO2.jpg (291K bytes) MM-JerryO1.jpg (254K bytes) Jerry_O_nike.MPG (1.56M bytes)
Jerry O'Sullivan's Nike Smoke Video: Liftoff
Duration: 0:33   Size: 1.56Mb
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MM-Contrail.jpg (186K bytes) MM-LawnDart.JPG (361K bytes) MM-Hpim0459.jpg (325K bytes)
The one that got away... Lawn Dart  


King_Viper_liftoff.MPG - 1.02Mb Standard_Arm.MPG - 872Kb Exceljr_H165.MPG (2.86M bytes)
Video: King Viper Liftoff
Duration: 0:12   Size: 1.02Mb
(See download advice below)
Video: Standard Arm Liftoff
Duration: 0:11   Size: 872Kb
(See download advice below)
Video: Excel Jr. on an H165
Duration: 0:59   Size: 2.86Mb
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