ESL #70 Photo Gallery

February 7-8,2004, Higgs Farm, Maryland

Photo's by Jerry O'Sullivan



jo02_04.jpg (218,397 bytes) jo02t_liftoff.jpg (287,075 bytes) jo02_lifroff.jpg (190,296 bytes)
Jerry O'Sullivans Ntropy
on an L motor.
Scott McCluskey's Iris
on an M motor.
Neil McGilvray's Crack Actor
on an N motor.

Photo's by Curt Newport


cn020801.jpg (303,722 bytes) cn020802.jpg (389,429 bytes) cn020803.jpg (529,071 bytes) cn020804.jpg (319,571 bytes)
Curt Newport's Proteus 2 at T0. Motor coming up to pressure. Liftoff. Flight.


cn020805.jpg (467,879 bytes) cn020806.jpg (364,844 bytes) cn020807.jpg (274,040 bytes) cn020808.jpg (294,875 bytes)
Still flying. Getting higher. Spit out casting tube. Motor shut down.


cn020809.jpg (300,998 bytes) cn020810.jpg (281,000 bytes) cn020811.jpg (289,554 bytes) cnquence.jpg (516,043 bytes)
Flying to apogee. Hasn't reached it yet. Almost there. Sequence of shots.

Photo's by John Ritz



jr020325.jpg (303,830 bytes) jr020326.JPG (1,341,095 bytes) jr020328.jpg (488,311 bytes) jr020329.JPG (1,224,918 bytes)
Unknown Rocket #1. Mike deBey, Zack, Bob Utley, Neil McGilvray, setting up to do a static test. Dave Weber helping Kathy Gilliand with her V2. The static test.


jr020330.jpg (312,776 bytes) jr020331.jpg (244,043 bytes) jr020332.jpg (223,442 bytes) jr020333.jpg (264,113 bytes)
Kathy Gilliand's V2. Curt Newport's Proteus 2 on a Red load. Unknown Rocket #2. Kathy Gilliand's Impulse on 2 D12's.


jr020334.jpg (1,357,166 bytes) jr020335.jpg (223,008 bytes) jr020336.jpg (212,923 bytes) jr020338.jpg (945,154 bytes)
Propellent burn with Glenn Davis watching. Unknown Rocket #3. John Ritz's Fluttering Heighs on a Red load. Ben Russell, Elaine Miller, Bob Utley, Don Brown with Elaine's rocket, Cloud Kiss.


jr020340.jpg (152,709 bytes) jr020343.jpg (188,994 bytes) jr020344.jpg (195,997 bytes) jr020346.jpg (1,207,184 bytes)
Fred Schumacher's Money Shot on an M. Unknown Rocket #4. John Ritz's Falcon on a Blue. Ritz's tree, amazing.


jr020347.jpg (171,935 bytes) jr020348.jpg (201,273 bytes) jr020350.jpg (370,604 bytes) jr020351.jpg (328,874 bytes)
Neil McGilvray's Crack Actor. Dave Weber's Ugly for Now.. Away cell gang, Jerry and Scott's rockets getting preped. Jerry is finishing up.


jr020353.jpg (671,238 bytes) jr020355.jpg (154,069 bytes) jr020356.jpg (178,019 bytes) jr020357.jpg (185,992 bytes)
Jerry O's new RC plane. Jerry O'Sullivan Ntropy. Scott McCluskey's Iris on a M motor. Unknown Rocket #5.


jr020358.jpg (637,561 bytes) jr020359.jpg (1,019,053 bytes) jr020360.jpg (1,020,019 bytes) jr020361.jpg (1,030,415 bytes)
Hitchcock The Birds. Neil McGilvray holding the end that should be attached to the chute bag. What the bag looks like. Notice: this has happen to other fliers. The result of a bad bag.


jr020364.jpg (1,019,147 bytes) jr020365.jpg (653,164 bytes) jr020366.jpg (815,182 bytes)
Darren Wright static test of an M. The end of another great launch. Soon to be O'Sullivan's forest.

Photo's by Fred Wallace


fw020080.jpg (452,298 bytes) fw020081.jpg (482,182 bytes) fw020082.jpg (389,462 bytes) fw020083.jpg (498,819 bytes)
View of the flight range. Awaitting count down. Recovery. Preping at away cell.


fw020084.jpg (488,166 bytes) fw020086.jpg (464,146 bytes) fw020087.jpg (488,445 bytes)
Coming back to the flight line. The RSO table. Fred Schumacher's Money Shot.




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