ESL #69 Photo Gallery

January 10-11,2004, Higgs Farm, Maryland

Photo's by Jerry O'Sullivan



jojant1.jpg (57,490 bytes) jojant2.jpg (47,518 bytes)
Jerry O'Sullivans Nike-Ntropy
N to M two stage
Still going.

Photo's by Curt Newport


CN110402.jpg (87,001 bytes) CN110403.jpg (135,500 bytes) CN110404.jpg (123,157 bytes) CN110405.jpg (161,071 bytes)
Glenn Davis(L) telling fish stories to Curt Newport. Curt's rocket Proteus 2 on a J330. Still going. Recovery of rocket.


CN110406.jpg (293,500 bytes) CN110407.jpg (307,667 bytes)
No burned webbing. Very happy owner.

Photo's by Shame Knee



SKra04.jpg (142,292 bytes) SKra04man.jpg (453,000 bytes) SKra04rocket.jpg (444,441 bytes)
Keith Holt's Kaotic Bliss on a sparky load. Unknown Flier #1. John Ritz, Who ?, Keith Holt and friend.

Photo's by John Ritz


ritz1245.jpg (61,062 bytes) ritz1246.jpg (193,993 bytes) ritz1247.jpg (1,138,756 bytes) ritz1248.jpg (32,607 bytes)
Tom Hier, Cert 3 Project. Dave Weber's Mini Mag on a sparky load. Tom Thompson's ATEIOB
(all the eggs in one basket).
John Ritz's Falcon.


ritz1250.jpg (78,712 bytes) ritz1252.jpg (397,415 bytes) ritz1253.jpg (489,309 bytes) ritz1259.jpg (63,832 bytes)
Neil McGilvray's Bone Daddy on an M1300. static test in MDRA test stand. end of burn. Darren Wright's Psycho on a M1200.


ritz1261.jpg (201,498 bytes) ritz1266.jpg (1,095,687 bytes) ritz1269.jpg (596,715 bytes) ritz1270.jpg (225,491 bytes)
Apogee for Psycho. Jerry O'Sullivan's crew on Nike-Ntropy. Bill Brown's Sub Zero. Liftoff of Nike-Ntropy.


ritz1271.jpg (132,170 bytes) ritz1272.jpg (445,501 bytes) ritz1274.jpg (221,428 bytes) ritz1278.jpg (196,451 bytes)
Jerry's rocket still going. John Ritz with is rocket KC-1. Liftoff of KC-1 on a blue load. Ted Proseus Nike Smoke rocket.


ritz1279.jpg (312,727 bytes) ritz1283.jpg (172,029 bytes) ritz1284.jpg (265,944 bytes) ritz1285.jpg (777,749 bytes)
John Ritz's Fluttering Height on a red load. Unknown rocket #5. Bob Utley's Bada Bing,Bada Boom on a blue load. Airborne camera.
Look out Discovery channel.


ritz1287.jpg (203,234 bytes) ritz1288.jpg (1,085,994 bytes) ritz1289.jpg (297,697 bytes) ritz1291.jpg (197,916 bytes)
Unknown rocket #6 Shot of RSO and LCO. Fred Schumacher with Money Shot. Fred's rocket at liftoff on a blue load.


ritz1292.jpg (173,448 bytes) ritz1295.jpg (183,822 bytes) ritz1298.jpg (1,008,385 bytes) ritz1299.jpg (313,342 bytes)
Glenn Davis PAC-3 rocket. Curt Newport's Proteus 2 rocket. Bob Utley, Dave Weber and Neil McGilvray, with Neil's rocket Carbonated. Matching outfits, Kathy is proud.


ritz1300.jpg (149,509 bytes) ritz1301.jpg (184,802 bytes) ritz1303.jpg (721,063 bytes)
Liftoff on Carbonated on a N motor. Last rocket of the launch. End on another launch.



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