ESL #68 Photo Gallery

Dec. 13-14, 2003, Higgs Farm, Maryland

Photo's by Curt Newport



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Curt Newport Level2 rocket on the pad. At the push of the button. Onto a Cert L2 flight.

Photo's by James Kelly


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Curt Newport's L2 rocket flight. Unknown Rocket #1. Unknown Rocket #2. Josh Schumacher's Science project.


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Fred Schumacher's Money Shot from the top down. In the Sun with fun. Fred and Josh Schumacher with Kevin Kelly, the crew. Liftoff.


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Dave Bathras 7.5 Strong Arm. Liftoff on a White load. Bob Utley with Bada Bing, Bada Boom. Liftoff on a BMW White load 8Kns.


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Unknown Rocket #3. Kevin Kelly's rocket M and M. Kevins rocket on a Red BMW.

Photo's by John Ritz


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Bob Utley in the pit area. Notice the bag is still on the parachute. Unknown Rocket #4. Unknown Rocket #5.


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John Ritz rocket. Another goes up as Johns rocket is under chute. Glenn Davis PAC3 on a BMW White load. Bob Utley's Bing on a BMW White load.


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Fred Schumacher's rocket on a BMW White load. Closer look at Fred's rocket. Bill Browns, Sub-Zero on an H180. Aaron Blizzard's L2 rocket.



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