ESL #67 Photo Gallery

Nov. 8-9, 2003, Higgs Farm, Maryland

Photo's by Curt Newport



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Curt Newports Proteus rocket. And it still going.


Photo's by Mike deBey


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Mike deBey's Slippery When Wet on a BMW J300. Still heading north. Bob Utley and Fred Schumacher drag race.Bob's rocket is on the left , Fred's is on the right.


Photo's by John Ritz


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Bob and Fred's now famous drag race. Yep, Fred's still loosing. Unknown rocket #1. Dave Bathras Strong Arm on a Sparkly Motor.


rzarky02.jpg (312,099 bytes) rzaslist1.jpg (449,921 bytes) rzbular1.jpg (299,260 bytes) rzcovery1.jpg (204,544 bytes)
Glenn Davis PAC3 on a Sparkly Motor. A Christmas wish. David Weber's Super Tuber on a Sparkly Motor. Under chute, nice job.


rzd1.jpg (318,766 bytes) rziteline1.jpg (25,802 bytes) rzo38.jpg (315,255 bytes) rznset1.jpg (308,609 bytes)
John Ritz's rocket on a red load. Unknown Rocket #2. Unknown Rocket #3. Almost back on the pad.


rzrdie1.jpg (302,071 bytes) rzue1.jpg (322,822 bytes) rzue54l.jpg (588,422 bytes) rzwk1.jpg (354,128 bytes)
Glenn Davis PAC3 on L2 flight. John Ritz rocket on his blue load. John Ritz rocket on his white load. Unknown Rocket #4.


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Ken Allen warming his feet. Jeff Taylor wants to warm his feet too. The red crowd warmers. End of the day.




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