ESL #65 Photo Gallery

Sept. 6-7, 2003, Central Sod Farm, Maryland

Photo's by James Kelly



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Neil McGilvray, Bob Utley and JR. The Girls, Kathy Gilliand and Lynn Reamy. Nelson Wallace's RPG. JR, Fred Schumacher, and Kevin Kelly with Kevin's rocket.


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Kevin and Fred, still preping rocket. Liftoff of Kevin's rocket. Bob Lussier in his personal RV. Fred Schumacher's Overkill 4 at liftoff.


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Remember keep the pointy end up. Unknown rocket #1. Unknown rocket #2. Lost & Found rocket..


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Mike deBay's rocket at t-0. And in flight. Ted Proseus (l) and Dave Weber (r) rockets. Ted's rocket at T-0.


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Dave Weber's rocket in flight. The Liberty Projects new test stand in use. Dave Bathras M flight, motor flew though rocket. The mess.


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Nelson Wallace's with his Amraam. Kevin Kelly's rocket at liftoff. Jerry O'Sullivan rocket a liftoff. Nice field to launch from and the rack.


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Glenn Davis PAC3 rocket. On it's way to 4100ft. Larry Z rockets. Bald Eagle at the end of the day.


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The drive home.

Photo's by Phil Stein



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Unknown rocket #3. Unknown rocket #4. Unknown rocket #5. Unknown rocket #6.


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Jeff Hookers rocket after the forward clouser let's go. next. next. next.


CAP0012.jpg (7,155 bytes)


Photo's by Rick Oasen



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Rick Oasen Dad preping the rocket. Liftoff.


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