ESL #64 Photo Gallery

August 9-10, 2003, Central Sod Farm, Maryland

Photo's by James Kelly



JK80303F.jpg (62,748 bytes) JK80301F.jpg (48,053 bytes) JK80303F1.jpg (19,152 bytes) JK80305F.jpg (41,859 bytes)
A little rainy to wash off the field for us. Bob Utley's Primo on the pad. In flight. Jerry O'Sullivans new marriage hat from Glenn Davis.


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Unknown rocket #1 Unknown rocket #2. Ben Miller's L3 rocket. James Kelly's rocket.


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Unknown rocket #5. Unknown rocket #6. Unknown rocket #7. Unknown rocket #8.


JK80311F1.jpg (42,211 bytes) JK80312F1.jpg (33,215 bytes) JK80313F1.jpg (40,572 bytes) JK80316F1.jpg (27,353 bytes)
Fred Schumacher and son Josh with rocket. Liftoff of Fred's rocket. Kevin Kelly with rocket. Liftoff of Kevin's rocket.


JK80331F.jpg (77,692 bytes) JK80317F1.jpg (43,352 bytes) JK80318F.jpg (21,525 bytes) JK80319F1.jpg (28,082 bytes)
Josh, Fred Schumacher and Kevin Kelly....resting. Neil McGilvray "Udder Madness" rocket. The reason for holds. Liftoff of Udder Madness.


JK80320F.jpg (23,180 bytes) JK80327F.jpg (37,743 bytes) JK80328F.jpg (28,087 bytes) JK80330F.jpg (61,785 bytes)
Bob Lussier has the coolest toys. Nelson Wallace's Phoenix. Unknown rocket #9. Unknown rocket #10.


JK80323F1.jpg (39,480 bytes) JK80324F.jpg (39,932 bytes) JK80325F.jpg (47,363 bytes) JK80327F1.jpg (39,982 bytes)
Jerry O'Sullivan, with is rockets, btw, whats this part for?. Jerry O and Bob Utley preping rocket. Installing the igniter. Liftoff.


jk80326F.jpg (37,731 bytes) jk80333F.jpg (33,270 bytes) jk80334F.jpg (19,218 bytes) jk80319F.jpg (35,468 bytes)
Ivan Galysh Black Brant. Unknown rocket #11. Unknown rocket #12. Sunset on the launch.

Photo's by Ray Wright



flight line 8-10.jpg (46,881 bytes) dc-y.jpg (25,722 bytes) transonic II 1.jpg (30,029 bytes) transonic II 2.jpg (26,128 bytes)
Part of the flight line. Ray Wright DC-Y rocket. Ray Wright Transonic rocket. And liftoff.


sparky 1.jpg (25,982 bytes) sparky2.jpg (33,660 bytes) sparky 3 gone.jpg (51,409 bytes)
I think this is Rob Bazinet rocket. liftoff. out of here.

Photo's by Phil Stein



pict0001.jpg (46,251 bytes) pict0002.jpg (33,788 bytes)
Fred Wallace rocket (l), and Phil Stein (r)next to it. Fred's rocket at liftoff.

Photo's by Jill Weber



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Fred Schumachers rocket on a BMW load.. Bob Utley's SandHawk on a BMW load. Jerry O'Sullivan's Nike on a BMW load. Neil McGilvray's Cow rocket on a DPS SRB load.


jw8035.jpg (28,169 bytes) jw8036.jpg (70,677 bytes) jw8037.jpg (64,678 bytes) jw8038.jpg (63,380 bytes)
Unknown rocket #13 David Weber's Tuber on Flight 153, cato. David Weber's LOC Minnie Magg on an H-165 redline. David Weber's LOC Expediter modified for clustering with 3-G75 Black Jack.


jw8039.jpg (65,078 bytes) jw80310.jpg (68,045 bytes) jw80311.jpg (58,078 bytes) jw80312.jpg (48,803 bytes)
Unknown rocket #16. Jerry O'Sullivan's rocket on a sparkly load. Phil Stein rocket. Mike deBay and son.


jw80313.jpg (74,210 bytes)
deBay's at the pad.

Photo's by Jerry O'Sullivan



jo8031.jpg (65,843 bytes) jo8032.jpg (22,557 bytes)
Jerry O'Sullivan's rocket on a sparkly load. Jerry O'Sullivan's rocket on a BMW load.



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