ESL #63 Photo Gallery

July 12-13, 2003, Central Sod Farm, Maryland

Photos by James Kelly
Congratulation Dave Bathras on your L3.



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Business end of Jerry O'Sullivans 2 stage rocket bound for LDRS. Side view of the long rocket. Kevin Kelly preping the motor. Kevin's rocket that the motor is for.


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Unknown rocket #1 Ivan Galysh rocket on the pad. James Kelly's rocket. Another photo opt at the A pads.


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Unknown rocket #2. James Kelly's rocket. Unknown rocket #3. #3 recovery.


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Mike deBay's rocket on the pad. Mikes rocket in flight. Kevin Kelly with rocket and Glenn Davis. MDRA Drag race, Kevin and Bob rockets.


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Jerry O'Sullivan with his rocket "High 5". Countdown. Liftoff on a BMW Red load. Unknown rocket #4.


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Unknown #5. Kathy Gilliand's Sunseeker. Liftoff on a BMW Red load. Tom Hier with is Amraam 4.


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David Weber's LOC Warlock. Liftoff on a BMW K450 Pink Flamingo. Dave Bathras Level 3 rocket. Liftoff to a L3 ticket.


jk70303F.jpg (81,883 bytes) jk70321F.jpg (91,653 bytes) jk70328F.jpg (49,898 bytes) jk70329F.jpg (28,963 bytes)
Neil McGilvray preping his rocket. Joy ride. On the pad. Liftoff.

Photos by Mitch Guess



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Mike deBay red,white,blue rocket in the MDRA Drag race. Neil McGilvray's Rancor on a BMW Whiteload. Unknown UFO. Mitch Guess's V2.


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Dave Bathras Level3 flight. and recovery.



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