ESL #62 Photo Gallery

June 14-15, 2003, Central Sod Farm, Maryland

Photo's by James Kelly



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Bob Utley's Lil' Johnny rocket. A little UFO Unknown rocket #1 President Dave Weber with Sticker Shock.


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Shot of LCO table, Neil, Bobby, Kathy and others. Bill Schworer L3 Orange rocket. Moments before liftoff. First Lady Jill Weber.


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Jeff Taylor helping Jerry O'Sullivan with his Smoke Nike. Now it's together. On the tower. Liftoff.


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Dave Weber Sticker Shock on the pad. 1968-ish Russian Krypton surface to air missile, Glenn Davis. And Liftoff. Lester Sherman's Rocket.


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Kevin Kelly's Rocket on a BMW WL clone. Liftoff. Kathy Gilliand's Two the Stars on a BMW Red load. Liftoff.


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Fred Schumachers Overkill 4 on the Left, Bob Utley's Sandhawk no the right. Freds off the pad first, his only.

Photo's by Jill Weber



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Jerry O'Sullivan and his dream, Smoke Nike. The pointy head club, Kevin Kelly, Fred Schumacher, Jerry O'Sullivan, and the Smoke Nike. Fred Schumachers at his best, with Dave Weber, Kevin Kelly and Overkill 4. Tad fast liftoff of Glenn Davis L1 rocket.


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Dave Bathras and his sparky motor. Glenn Davis rocket Slim Jim, his L1 cert, with Dave Weber helping. Hooking up the ignitor. Finshing touches.


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Dave Weber's Tuber, flight 149 or 150 there are so many.... Jerry O'Sullivan's Smoke Nike liftoff. The Fred S, Bob U drag race.......



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