ESL #60 Photo Gallery

May 3-4, 2003, Central Sod Farm, Maryland

Photo's by James Kelly



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Fred Schumacher and Kevin Kelly.. The Webers. Action at the LCO table, Rob Roberts, Ray Wright, Neil McGilvray and Bob Utley RSO Table, Kathy Gilliand.


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Ray Wright, with the remains of his Quantum Leap. The field is set for a drag race.. Dave Weber's V2, Dave Alewine V2, John Ritz's Ugly. And the winner is....


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Kevin Kelly and Fred Schumacher with Kevin's rocket. The flight. The recovery. And the Happy shot.


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Another Drag race, between Bob Utley Sandhawk and Fred Schumacher's Overkill 4. Freds flight. Both rockets under chute. Another happy racer.


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Dave Weber Tuber ready for flight 146 Jerry O'Sullivan's Smoke Nike. The viewing stands, Tuber after flight 146.


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Jerry O'Sullivan High 5 on Sean McAndrew's Sparky motor. Pete Bennett checks out Teds Proseus Rocket. Damage to the payload bay. The Duo's at it again, Jerry's Rocket Sean's motor.


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James and Kevin Kelly. Taking down the range. And the day is over.

Photo's by Jerry O'Sullivan



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Jerry O'Sullivan's High 5 on a sparky motor. Jerry O'Sullivan's Smoke Nike on a Sean McAndrew Blue motor. Still going. End to the day for sure.



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