ESL #59 Photo Gallery

April 12-13, 2003, Price, Maryland

Photo's by Jill Weber



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Dave Weber, Kevin Kelly, Fred Schumacher, and Darren Wright. Jim Cox his son Chris and a box of rockets. Neil McGilvray acting like Tarzan. George Sechrist and friend on the long walk back.


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Dave Young, Dave Bathras and son. Fred Schumacher showing Kevin Kelly the way. Lester Sherman, Fred Wallace and Jeff Taylor. Scott Hayes with rocket car.


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Bob Utley, Meagan Wallace and Neil McGilvray taking the O motor apart. Customers at Performance Hobbies. Jeff Potter and Neil McGilvray at LCO table. Tuber on flight #145.


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Dave Weber's Super Tuber on a Blue M ex load. Dave Weber and Fred Schumacher recovering Super Tuber. George Sechrist Level 3 launch. and the agony of defeat.


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Neil McGilvray and Darren Wright Sparky 0 motor flight. The sparky liftoff, very fast. Still going. Arc'kin over.


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Neil McGilvray, John Ritz, Dave Weber and Fred Schumacher drag race. Johns and Daves getting up there. Neil zooming pass them. Fred does sky writting before the chutes come out.


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Scott McCluskey Standard Arm 2 stage. Liftoff. Nelson Wallace and Dave Bathras with Dave's Standard Arm Liftoff.


Photo's by James Kelly



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Jerry O'Sullivan's Smoke Nike. Liftoff of Jerry's rocket. Dave Weber helping Jerry with his rocket. Neil McGilvray, being Neil.


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Dave Bathras arming his Standard Arm rocket. We'll fly anything, MDRA's Shuttle. Tommy cooking up some goooood chicken. Kenny of Performance Hobbies, showing his wares.


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Neil McGilvray and son with Udder Madness, quarter of drag race. John Ritz with Ugly, another quarter of drag race. Dave Weber with Skyraider, another quarter of drag race. Fred Schumacher with Overkill 6, last quarter of drag race.


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T -1 second on drag race. And their off, ah, Neil...... Dave Bullis and Kathy Gilliand having a laugh. Even Jerry O'Sullivan got a kick out of it.


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Fred Schumacher helping Kevin Kelly with his booster. Is that Bob Utley touching that rocket? Kevin Kelly with his buddy and rocket. T -1 second.


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The day is over.


Photo's by Russell Miller



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Flight line. John Ritz and his collection of rockets. Alan Gorecki of Hawk Mountain, fiberglass rockets. Jerry O'Sullivan, his Nike Smoke rocket and Scott McCluskey.


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George Sechrist rocket farm. Dave Alewine with his rockets. Gary Deaver and son and Mark Polansky. Ted Proseus and Rob Kaufman.


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Dave Webers rockets, Neil, Bob, Tony, Jame and Kevin in backround. Kevin Kelly working on a motor. Fred Wallace's Barney and V2. Andrew Gray with is half his fathers L3 rocket.


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Mrs. Heir and her? rocket. George Sechrist showing off his N2000. Maggy Heir with her rocket. Fred Wallace and Barney.


P4132826.jpg (202,253 bytes) rmsparky.jpg (26,501 bytes) rmsparky2.jpg (38,015 bytes) rmsparky3.jpg (16,355 bytes)
Fred at pad with Barney. Oh, another picture of Jerry O'Sullivan's Nike Smoke at liftoff. still going. and going.

Photo's by Jerry O'Sullivan



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Fred Schumacher and our Host Tommy Higgs. Neil McGilvray and Darren Wright. Dave Young. James and Kevin Kelly.


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Dave Weber. Jill Weber. Bob Utley. Neil McGilvray, Darren Wright, Fred Schumacher, Dave Bathras.


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Kathy Gilliand. 3 Level 3's, Kathy Gilliand, Elaine Miller, Lynn Reamy. Drag Race between Neil McGilvray, John Ritz, Dave Weber and Fred Schumacher. Half lifted off.


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Jerry O'Sullivan Smoke Nike. Liftoff on a Sparky motor. Scott McCluskey. Scott with his Standard Arm 2 stage.


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Detail of the Standard Arm. Liftoff on a M2400, staging to a K550..


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