ESL #56 Photo Gallery

December 14-15 , 2002, Price, Maryland

Photo's by Ray Wright



rw1202120a.jpg (16,470 bytes) rw1202big.jpg (22,294 bytes) rw1202009.jpg (33,258 bytes) rw1202cool.jpg (39,477 bytes)
Ray Wright's AIM-120 on 2 D12-5's. Aaron Blizzard's Sergent on a "G". Result of Ray's level 2 attempt gone wrong. Fred Schumacher's Overkill on a Red O.


Photo's by Jill Weber



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Fred Schumachers Overkill 12 on a Red O, note ground ref. is the same for each picture. Liftoff. Cleared the tower. Wind pushing it over.


jw12025.jpg (164,832 bytes) jw12026.jpg (155,175 bytes)
On it's side. Too ugly to watch.


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