ESL #55 Photo Gallery

October 19-20, 2002, Price, Maryland

Photo's by Jerry O'Sullivan & Shirley Coggon (away cell)



p1002jfred1.jpg (104,604 bytes) p1002jnike1.jpg (112,850 bytes) p1002jnike2.jpg (102,026 bytes) p1002jnike3.jpg (36,194 bytes)
Fred Schumacher's Overkill 12, N, two M's, two L's, 30,000ns. Jerry O'Sullivans Nike,Three M's, to M, 31,000ns. Jerry's nike at liftoff. Jerry's nike in flight.


p1002jcow1.jpg (97,696 bytes) p1002jcow2.jpg (33,625 bytes) p1002jjt1.jpg (61,405 bytes)
Neil McGilvray's Cow on a P12,000, ~80,000ns. Neil's cow in flight. Jeff Taylor's L3 V2 flight.


Photo's by Mitch Guess



p102mgburning.jpg (66,678 bytes) p102mgfire_out.jpg (175,396 bytes) p102mgRH-75_pad.jpg (201,001 bytes) p102mgRH-75_l.jpg (201,635 bytes)
Rocket on fire. Fire out, good job. Mitch Guess's Rohini RH-75 Indian sounding rocket. Mitch's rocket at liftoff.


p102mgendeavour.jpg (118,499 bytes) p102mgasp.jpg (102,821 bytes) p102mgdouble_red.jpg (162,493 bytes) p102mggearhead.jpg (113,268 bytes)
Last flight of Mitch's Endeavour. Unknown #1. Unknown #2. Keith Holt's Gear Head rocket.


p102mglittle_red.jpg (100,803 bytes) p102mgred_white.jpg (106,584 bytes) p102mgsparky.jpg (141,274 bytes) p102mgtube_fins.jpg (115,751 bytes)
Unknown #3. Jim Strauss's Binder Design Raptor on a Pro38-I285 Unknown #5. Unknown #6.


p102mgyblack.jpg (121,540 bytes)
Rob Roberts Un-EZ-I on an Ammonium Nitrate I motor.


Photo's by James Kelly (both locations)



p102j001s.jpg (43,808 bytes) p102j002s.jpg (41,888 bytes) p102j003s.jpg (33,777 bytes) p102j006s.jpg (30,281 bytes)
Neil McGilvray's Cow and Fred Schumachers Overkill12 and how we get them to the pad. Begining to prep the rockets. Where the P goes. Moo to you too.


p102j004s.jpg (26,022 bytes) p102j005s.jpg (7,876 bytes) p102j008s.jpg (31,164 bytes) p102j011s.jpg (30,244 bytes)
Norwood Trutts rocket on the pad. Norwood's rocket in flight. Getting Fred's rocket on the pad. Putting it all together.


p102j015s.jpg (19,157 bytes) p102j016s.jpg (33,519 bytes) p102j017s.jpg (119,786 bytes) p102j023s.jpg (12,435 bytes)
Fred arming Overkill 12. T-5. Liftoff. Neil McGilvray's Cow on a P.


p102j027s.jpg (14,856 bytes) p102j028s.jpg (19,378 bytes) p102j029s.jpg (35,806 bytes) p102j030s.jpg (32,014 bytes)
Unknown Endeavour on away cell. Fred Schumacher the Birthday Boy. Fred Wallace latest rocket. Busy at the RSO table.


p102j031s.jpg (27,818 bytes) p102j034s.jpg (21,153 bytes) p102j035s.jpg (10,844 bytes) p102j036s.jpg (28,541 bytes)
Rob Roberts and his son at the C rack w/ the Un-EZ-I. Unknown #9. Unknown #10. Unknown #11.


Photo's by Norwood Trutt



ntpict11002p.jpg (138,636 bytes) ntpict21002p.jpg (41,888 bytes) ntpict31002p.jpg (33,777 bytes) ntpict41002p.jpg (30,281 bytes)
Neil McGilvray's Cow's Payload, with Kevin, Bob, Ben,and Jeff trying to keep it calm. Pete Bennett helping raise the cow. liftoff. Mooing off the tower.


ntpict51002p.jpg (26,022 bytes) ntfred1002p.jpg (7,876 bytes) ntv21002p.jpg (31,164 bytes)
flight of the P Cow. Fred Wallace's New Rocket, nice. Jeff Taylor's V2 L3 flight.


Photo's by Elaine Miller



em11002p.jpg (69,864 bytes) em21002p.jpg (53,879 bytes) em31002p.jpg (57,737 bytes) em41002p.jpg (53,776 bytes)
The Away Cell. Ben Russell Darren Wright. Shirley Coggon


em51002p.jpg (48,639 bytes) em61002p.jpg (68,428 bytes)
3 L3's, Elaine Miller, Lynn Reamy, Kathy Gilliand. Ray Helm


emf11002p.jpg (74,076 bytes) emf21002p.jpg (84,506 bytes) emf31002p.jpg (72,337 bytes) emf41002p.jpg (60,258 bytes)
Fred Schumacher and Bob Utley with Overkill 12. Fred holding Overkill's fin. Notice who hasn't moved. Raising Overkill


emf51002p.jpg (43,390 bytes) emf61002p.jpg (64,901 bytes) emf71002p.jpg (60,477 bytes) emf81002p.jpg (54,117 bytes)
What'd we forget. Interview time. liftoff. Look who's not interested.


emj11002p.jpg (65,536 bytes) emj21002p.jpg (77,610 bytes) emj31002p.jpg (64,037 bytes) emj41002p.jpg (62,634 bytes)
Jerry O'Sullivan loading the motors into the rocket. Getting the booster on the tower. Now the upper stage on the tower. The Crew, Jerry O'Sullivan, Scott McCluskey,Darren Wright and Bill Schworer.


emj51002p.jpg (67,843 bytes) emj61002p.jpg (58,439 bytes) emj71002p.jpg (49,745 bytes) emj81002p.jpg (51,284 bytes)
Jerry with his other baby. Raising it. Monkeyboy, Neil McGilvray arming the rocket. Liftoff.


emn11002p.jpg (57,100 bytes) emn21002p.jpg (66,537 bytes) emn31002p.jpg (54,025 bytes) emn41002p.jpg (60,879 bytes)
Neil McGilvray and Ben Russell joking around. Putting the payload on the tower. Getting the 200lbs plus booster on the tower. Attaching the two together.


emn51002p.jpg (53,820 bytes) emn61002p.jpg (59,823 bytes) emn71002p.jpg (60,477 bytes) emn81002p.jpg (51,509 bytes)
Raising the rocket. Arming the rocket. Neil and Darren doing the interview. Liftoff of a "P".


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