ESL #50 Photo Gallery

April 20 & 21, 2002, Price, Maryland

Photo's by Jill Weber


Congratulations Dave on your L3.


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Dave Weber's L3 rocket, with help from "Kiss of Death" Bob. Dave Weber arming the electronics. One last Happy picture. Liftoff.


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Recovery of a successful L3.

Photo's by Elaine Miller


Congratulations Lynn on your L3.
Congratulations Darren on your L3.


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Lynn Reamy's L3 rocket at liftoff. Darren Wrights Super Maniac. Darren's Maniac L3 at liftoff. Dave Weber's L3 at liftoff again.


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Kathy Gilliand's Star3 on a N3300. Kathy's rocket at liftoff. Kevin Quire's Violent Thunder rocket getting armed. Kevin's rocket a liftoff.


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Jerry O'Sullivans rocket at liftoff. Jerry's rocket after a CATO. Fred Schumacher's rocket getting armed. Fred's rocket just at ignition.


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Fred's CATO.


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