ESL #45 Photo Gallery

November 17-18, 2001, Price, Maryland

Photo's by Kevin Kelly and son James


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Kevin Kelly working on his rocket. Loading the rack. Kevin installing the motor. And on to the pads.


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James Kelly holding his dads rocket. Another rack shot Looking down the flight line. And another rack.


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Kevin Kelly's rocket on the pad. Fred Schumacher's rocket on the pad. Fred's rocket under chute. Fred's rocket at touchdown.


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Unknown #1 Kevin Kelly's rocket under countdown. Kevin's rocket at t-1. Kevin's rocket under chute.


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Kevin's rocket at touchdown. David Weber with this V2. Kathy Gilliand's rocket getting loaded on the pad. Half of the rocket is on the pad.


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Loading the 2nd half of the rocket. M1939 from the business end. The landing zone. Kathy making sure the rocket is pointed in the correct direction.


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Kathy's rocket smoke trail. Kathy's rocket under main chute. Kathy's rocket touchdown. Kathy retreving her rocket.


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Kathy's rocket nose cone in the water trap. James Kelly with his rocket. Jerry O'Sullivans 2stage (M to M). Damage to Kevin's payload.


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Damage to Kevin's rocket..


Photo's by Mitch Guess


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Fred Schumacker's rocket at liftoff. Bill Schworer maning the ground station. Loading Jerry O'Sullivan's rocket on the pad. Still loading the rocket.


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Still loading Jerry's rocket on the pad. Jerry's rocket standing up. Kathy Gilliand's "Star Blue" rocket. Kevin Quire's Iris rocket on a M motor.


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Fred Schumacker's rocket at liftoff.      


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Tom Thompson's L3 rocket at liftoff. David Weber's Tuber at liftoff (flight 124?). David Weber launching the A rack. Unknown #2.


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