ESL #43 Photo Gallery

August 19, 2001, Central Sod Farm, Centerville Maryland

Photo's by Mitch Guess


lco.JPG (148,190 bytes) mattexpediter.JPG (167,818 bytes) mitchloc4.JPG (94,111 bytes) motortest.JPG (150,841 bytes)
The gang at the LCO table. Matt Guess Expediter
on a I 161
Mitch Guess Loc 4
on a H180
Ted, Norwood and Darren's exp motor.


bigunknown.JPG (144.080 bytes) unknownendevour.JPG (109,125 bytes) mgunknown1.JPG (91,161 bytes) mgunknown2.JPG (164,409 bytes)
Jack Warpinski Bruiser
on a K700
Unknown #2 Unknown #3 Unknown #4


mgunknown3.JPG (86,892 bytes)
Neil McGilvray's White Trash rocket.


Photo's by Jack Warpinski


Bruiser.JPG (21,980 bytes) FWallace.JPG (86,892 bytes)
Jack Warpinski Bruiser Fred Wallaces Rocket


fredisdead.JPG (748,533 bytes) neatorocket.JPG (439,973 bytes) yellow.JPG (490,600 bytes)
Fred Wallace's rocket after the CATO. Unknown #6 Kathy Gilliand's Sun Seeker on a J 650.



ex66j245.JPG (262,311 bytes)
Ted Proseus, Extreme66 on an experimental J245.


Photo's by Kevin Clasing


bruisprep.JPG (531,221 bytes) bruisonpad.JPG (1,573,225 bytes) ascent.JPG (872,572 bytes) alexafterrecov.JPG (668,654 bytes)
Jack Warpinski Bruiser getting prep. Jack's Bruiser on the pad. Jack's Bruiser in flight. Alexandra recovering her G-Force.


elimonpad.JPG (631,252 bytes) gforcreturns.JPG (1,475,495 bytes) gfcomingdown.JPG (99,392 bytes) gforcetd.JPG (1,557,394 bytes)
Kevin Clasing Eliminator on the pad. Alexandra's G-Force under chute. Alexandra's G-Force close to touchdown.. Alexandra's G-Force at touchdown.


iwojimbruis.JPG (1,511,722 bytes) lev1cert.JPG (333,056 bytes) sumocert1lndg.JPG (188,666 bytes) prepping.JPG (1,966,468 bytes)
Jack's rocket on the pad. Keith Holt "Sumo" going for Level 1. Sumo returning under chute. Keith preping another rocket for fight.


upquick.JPG (973,979 bytes) venthyb.JPG (1,473,478 bytes)
Nice red rocket. Ivan Galysh Endeavor on a Hyperteck J175 for a Level 2 Cert.

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