ESL #40 Photo Gallery

May 12-13, 2001, Price, Maryland

Photo's by Kevin Mitchell


nsane1.jpg (108,078 bytes) nsane2.jpg (118,276 bytes) nsane6.jpg (96,018 bytes) nsane5.jpg (124,614 bytes)
Back end of Kevin Mitchell's N-Sane "N" rocket. Another shot of the back on the rail. See Dave Bullis? Kevin getting the igniters hooked up. Happy snap, with Kevin and Barb with rocket.


nsane3.jpg (93,260 bytes) nsane4.jpg (80,903 bytes) nsane7.jpg (82,495 bytes)
Liftoff...... Chute came out early. Floating to the ground.


nsane.MPG (3,519 Kbytes)
MPG by George Sechrist III.
Size: 3.42Mb



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