ESL #39 Photo Gallery
aka hOly cow launch

April 7-8, 2001, Higgs Farm, Price Maryland

Lewis Garrow Rocket Video, Psycho
It was a Smokin' Rockets Psycho on an M845 Turbo Hybrid (Aerotech) and reached an Altitude of 5530 feet.

Photo's by Bill Mantell, Fred Wallace, Kathy Gilliand, and many others.

h0ly cow

is the biggest rocket to fly east of the Mississippi River (315lbs)
and the biggest rocket to ever use 2 stage recovery.
As you can see "lots of hands makes the going easy".

cartoon1.JPG (Mooo)
It always starts as a joke.


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image017.JPG (Mooo) cow12.JPG (Mooo) kneil.JPG (Mooo) kneil2.JPG (Mooo)


kneil3.JPG (Mooo) cow8.JPG (Mooo) cow9.JPG (Mooo) cow10.JPG (Mooo)


cow11.JPG (Mooo)



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