ESL #38 Photo Gallery

March 17-18, 2001, Higgs Farm, Price Maryland

Photo's by Bill Mantell

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Rob Taylor before L2 flight. Final checks before launch. T+1 Rob's rocket on it way to L2.


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Mike Ash Gemini. With Pete Bennett and Fred Schumacher. Liftoff. Let the fun begin. Mike just joined the McGilvray Club of Very Cool rocket flights.


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Joe May with Tommy Higgs ready at the controls. Liftoff. It's a rocket, it's a plane, it's fun to fly. Fred Wallace's 4 by 5 on a J.


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Lynn Reamy L2,
Miss Monster.
Bill Mantell's Apollo V
on a G64.
On it way to the Moon. Ted Proseus Pyramid
on a G33


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Curtis Turner 1/2 Bull Pup
on a K700
Unknown 1 part 1 Unknown 1 part 2 Unknown 2


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