ESL #37 Photo Gallery

February 3 & 4, 2001, Higgs Farm, Price Maryland
Video by Jerry O'Sullivan.

Photo's by Bill Mantell

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Neil McGilvray taking to German Film crew as to where the action is at, "Here" Neil doing LCO as film crew films. Group shot of fliers and their rockets. Close up of Tommy Higgs and Dave Bullis.


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You lost your contact where?
Jerry O'Sullivans Sandhawk on a M3200, Bob Utley helping.
Jerry's sandhawk at liftoff. still going onto 8500ft. Neil McGilvray's Cowabonga on a K700 and 2 H124.
VIDEO 4.2megs


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Kathy Gilliand's Star 3 on a M1939
VIDEO 4.4megs
Kathy's rocket under chute and 100+ feet of webbing. Bill Mantells Eclipse on a K700.
VIDEO 4.3megs
Bill's still going to 6300ft.


bm3621.JPG (88,154 bytes) bm3622.JPG (53,555 bytes) bm3623.JPG (74,23 bytes) bm3624.JPG (59,138 bytes)
Bill's rocket under chute. Nelson Wallace's Video rocket.
VIDEO 4.2megs
Still going. Under chute.


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Tim Nist Wac/Corp.
VIDEO 2.9megs
Tim checking the altimeter of his Syonic rocket. Jeff Potters Endevour on a K1100 and 3 I435.
VIDEO 3.2megs
I believe Fred Wallaces rocket.


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Tim Nist's Syonic K1000 Kosdon Green Gorilla. Bryan Slogick's Loc Magnum on a J800. Mitch Guess PML Expediter-Stretch on a I300. Sean McAndrew's LOC Forte on his 29mm H125 sparky motor.


bm3626.JPG (44,958 bytes) bm3627.JPG (39,415 bytes)
Dave Bullis rocket on a Mitchell N1600 Super Blue.
VIDEO 4.7megs
Still going.


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We all did this at one time
Myself, Neil, Fred, Nelson, Jeff and a few others did it at this launch too.


Photo's by Warren Pelton

amf-launch01.JPG (9,707 bytes)
Warren Pelton A-M-F on a G35.


Photo's by Mitch Guess

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Mitch Guess's Endevour on a I300. Kim Guess's Flamingo on a A8-3, first rocket of the launch. Matt Guess's Expediter on his father's H180 Kathy Gilliand's Star 3 on a M1939.


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Picture of the photographer there for the "American Profile" maz.


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