Kathy Gilliands Level 3 Photo Gallery

January 21, 2001, Higgs Farm, Price Maryland
First woman to cert. Level 3 on the East coast.
Congratulations Kathy.

Photo's by Fred Wallace, Bill Mantell, Kathy Gilliand and Bob Utley.

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Kathy sanding the rocket. And the fins, have more on construction but why put them up. Back from the paint shop.Thanks Jeff. Jeff Potter and Bob Utley get weight of loaded rocket (80lbs with M1419)


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Kathy holding her rocket. Neil McGilvray shows us the field he just found. Prepping the motor and electronics. Getting the rocket on the rail.


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Pointing the rocket in the correct direction. Happy snap time. Happy snap time 2. Neil blessing the rocket, aka kiss of death.


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Tommy Higgs (land owner) and Kathy Gilliand in Happy snap 3. Group Picture, Jeff Potter and Jeff Jr, Bill Mantell, Kathy Gilliand, Bob Utley (bk), Neil McGilvray, Tommy Higgs, Dave Bullis, Fred Wallace, kid in front of Kathy is Lynns and Dave's. Missed ya Weber. Arming 1 of 3 altimeters. Still arming.


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Kathy with the special igniter. The final Happy snap. LIFTOFF!!! And climbing


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Climbing to 6300+ft on a M1939. The main is out, on cue. Nice soft landing. Starting to recover the rocket.


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Halfway done on recovering the rocket. Carrying the heavy rocket back. Post flight inspection. Post flight Happy snap.


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Fred Wallace signing off and the New L3 Kathy Gilliand watching.


Don't let a good rocket go bad.
Coupler from Liberty Project.

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Someone need a table at a party.

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