ESL #35 Photo Gallery

November 18 & 19, 2000, Higgs Farm, Price Maryland
This was not a Tripoli Sanction Launch.
AKA Ed and Roger launch.

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thread_vstudio.MPG (4,498 Kbytes) kquire_iris_m1130.MPG (3,152 Kbytes)
Ed Millers and Roger Dwyer Thunderhead Rocket. MPG by Jerry O'Sullivan. Kevin Quire Iris on a M1130 , MPG by Jerry O'Sullivan.

Photo's by Fred Wallace

bluet14.JPG (95,680 bytes) bluet16.JPG (93,044 bytes) bluet13.JPG (87,031 bytes) bluet8.JPG (87,444 bytes)
Roger builds some motors. Ed builds some motors. Put them all together. Getting the rocket to the pad.


bluet1.JPG (85,391 bytes) bluet2.JPG (94,351 bytes) bluet3.JPG (82,645 bytes) bluet4.JPG (83,431 bytes)
putting it together. working on it done.


bluet6.JPG (86,892 bytes) bluet8.JPG (87,444 bytes) bluet9.JPG (85,825 bytes) blurt10.JPG (89,196 bytes)
The Electonic's bay. On the way to the pad. Sliding it on the pad/rail. On the pad.


bluet11.JPG (88,154 bytes) bluet12.JPG (90,448 bytes) bluet15.JPG (63,250 bytes) bluet17.JPG (85,874 bytes)
Connecting the electronics. Still more to hook up. This direction. Installing the motors.


bluet18.JPG (88,300 bytes) bluet19.JPG (92,586 bytes) bluet20.JPG (87,463 bytes) bluet21.JPG (86,957 bytes)
Lots of motors to install. Happy snap with all the motors in. Got it pointing in the right direction. Installing the stand.


bluet22.JPG (84,907 bytes) bluet24.JPG (89,948 bytes)
Arming the rocket. Last happy snap.


Photo's by Bill Mantell

BM3514.JPG (35,707 bytes) BM351.JPG (124,879 bytes) BM352.JPG (143,131 bytes) B3526.JPG (60,396 bytes)
Bill Mantell with his Eclipse. Tyler Bradley's rocket collection. The Swackhammer Boys rocket Collection. Fred Schumacker and his rocket.


351.JPG (102,615 bytes) 352.JPG (84,632 bytes) 353.JPG (91,124 bytes) 354.JPG (90,287 bytes)
Unknown #1 Neil McGilvrays Udder Madness rocket on a L1000. Fred Schumacker rockets takes to the sky. Joe Mays Monster flight 016 on a M2240.


bm3510.JPG (41,154 bytes) BM354.JPG (71,157 bytes) BM3511.JPG (73,347 bytes) BM3512.JPG (91,632 bytes)
Jerry O'Sullivan's Sandhawk on a M1600 skidmark. Jerry's rocket keeps going and going. Nelson Wallace's Level 3 rocket flight. He got his L3 ticket. Recovery of Nelson's rocket. Good job Nelson.


BM3515.JPG (54,198 bytes) BM3524.JPG (58,848 bytes) BM3523.JPG (80,242 bytes) BM3525.JPG (61,557 bytes)
Lynn Reamy Cert 1 Rocket "Tabathia", she got it. Augie Gray with "Ship Killer" Ship Killer on a K700. Kevin Mitchell's scratch built Black Brant II on a I161.


BM3527.JPG (69,539 bytes) BM3528.JPG (59,656 bytes) BM3529.JPG (64,989 bytes) BM3530.JPG (44,760 bytes)
Unknown #2 Bob Utley's Prino Red on a red J650 Mitchell. Unknown #3 night launch. Neil McGilvray's Udder Madness on a L1000.


BM353.JPG (42,152 bytes) BM3521.JPG (75,121 bytes) BM3513.JPG (75,971 bytes) BM355.JPG (88,588 bytes)
Kevin Quire Iris on a M1130. Kevins rocket still going. Bill Mantell's Eclipse on a K550. Unknown #4


BM357.JPG (49,448 bytes) BM358.JPG (38,406 bytes) BM359.JPG (43,691 bytes) BM3541.JPG (69,798 bytes)
Unknown #5 Bob Utley's Primo Blue, J650 Blue Mitchell motor Unknown #6 Nelson Wallace with is RPG.


BM3540.JPG (210,641 bytes) BM3546.JPG (162,512 bytes) BM3531.JPG (67,789 bytes) BM3532.JPG (80,756 bytes)
JR and Dave Young with all those parts and nothing to fly. Looking down the parking row. Unknown #7 Unknown #8


BM3542.JPG (197,980 bytes) BM3543.JPG (177,444 bytes) BM3544.JPG (120,318 bytes) BM3545.JPG (1143,287 bytes)
The business end of Ed and Rogers rocket. Side shot of the Ed/Roger project. Ed/Roger rocket, showing the recovery system. Yet another side picture.


BM3519.JPG (46,400 bytes) BM3520.JPG (71,482 bytes) BM3522.JPG (77,283 bytes) BM3518.JPG (76,835 bytes)
Ed/Rogers rocket at Liftoff. Going (M lit) and Going. Chute is out.


BM3517.JPG (51,784 bytes) BM3516.JPG (50,014 bytes)
Mains out. Almost touch down.

Photo's by Jill Weber

jw351.JPG (77,349 bytes) jw352.JPG (70,827 bytes) jw353.JPG (58,817 bytes) jw354.JPG (35,163 bytes)
Loading rocket on pad. Close to liftoff Liftoff. Moving on out.


jw355.JPG (47,129 bytes) jw356.JPG (70,086 bytes) je357.JPG (76,816 bytes) jw358.JPG (41,981 bytes)
Still climbing. Just about to the top. Apogee. Apogee +1 second.


jw359.JPG (51,971 bytes) jw3510.JPG (77,121 bytes) jw3511.JPG (77,084 bytes) jw3512.JPG (74,382 bytes)
Droge is out. Main is out. Getting closer. And closer.


jw3513.JPG (80,049 bytes)

Photo's by Ken Potter

kp356.JPG (175,584 bytes) kp357.JPG (63,417 bytes) kp358.JPG (81,083 bytes) kp355.JPG (107,501 bytes)
The stach of motors. Installing the motors. And installing. Electronics bay.


kp359.JPG (70,971 bytes) kp3518.JPG (70,086 bytes) kp352.JPG (76,816 bytes) kp3517.JPG (41,981 bytes)
Raising the beast. Just about there. The ignitor. Arming.


kp3519.JPG (72,972 bytes) kp3520.JPG (91,040 bytes) kp3512.JPG (92,840 bytes) kp3521.JPG (85,244 bytes)
Still arming. Happy snap. The thank yous. Liftoff.


kp3511.JPG (50,507 bytes) kp3510.JPG (54,969 bytes) kp354.JPG (96,583 bytes) kp351.JPG (78,395 bytes)
The M kicks in. Keeps on moving. Before. After.

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