ESL #34 Photo Gallery

October 28 & 29, 2000, Higgs Farm, Price Maryland
This was not a Tripoli Sanction Launch.

Photo's by Bill Mantell

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The RSO table at the start of the launch. The LCO table at the start too. Kevin Quire, Bob Utley and Jerry O'Sullivan at the C pad. Bob Utley's Primo on a Mitchel J650 .


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Bob Utley's rocket still climbing. The Swachammer Boys prep their Rattler 7, upscale. Liftoff. Still climbing.


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How Kevin Mitchell clusters. Kevin Mitchell's cluster on the pad. Liftoff. RSO/CCO Kathy Gilliand, Ed Brun keeps his hands warm.


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Dave Young and JR's Patriot on a K550. K550 still burning. Good recovery of the patriot.. Jerry O'Sullivan's Take 5 rocket.


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Mark Henning of True Modeler sets up a Jupiter C. Notice the amount of ground crew. Liftoff. The Saturn V, five motors have started. Clearing the tower.


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Unknown #1 Kathy Gilliand's Sunseeker on a Mitchell J650 Super Blue. Kevin McGee's "Blue and White Rocket" on a K550. Unknown #2


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David Weber's Mini Magg. Unknown #3 Robert Taylor's "Shrike" I357 L1 rocket. Unknown #5


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Day Two LCO table. LCO Table, getting colder and crowd'er. Shot of the Estes pads and LCO table. Closer shot of the Estes pads.


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Ed Miller/ Roger Dwyer Thunderhead rocket. Miller/Dwyer, see the clusters. Miller/Dwyer, perfect paint job too. The Z man with his Level 2 rocket.

Photo's by Kevin Kelly

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Sunrise on Saturday. Here come's the sun. Climbing for more sky. The Kelly's son and first rocket.


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Fred Schumacher rockets, BEFORE he flew them. David Weber's rockets. Fred Schumacher's Yard of Beer rocket. Count them 278 cars.


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Rockets on the pad. More rockets on the pads. Ed Miller/ Roger Dwyer rocket. More Miller/Dwyer project.

Photo by Confused

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