ESL #33 Photo Gallery

May 7, 2000, Higgs Farm, Price Maryland
This was not a Tripoli Sanction Launch.

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NEIL1.AVI (3,635 Kbytes) TSU.AVI (5,547 Kbytes) TSUTLEY.AVI (3,686 Kbytes)
The short flight of Neil McGilvray's N Motor,
AVI by Bob Utley
Bob Utley's T/S
L1500-K700 flight,
AVI by Bob Utley.
Bob Utley's T/S 2 stage

Warning! these files are between 3-8 megs each. Some of you may have problems playing these files. You need the current Indeo driver which you can get here Download "iv5setup.exe" and install it on your system.

Photo's by Geroge Sechrist III (taken from his above video)

NEILN1.JPG (48,356 bytes) NEILN2.JPG (39,370 bytes) NEILN3.JPG (44,677 bytes) NEILN4.JPG (52,700 bytes)
Neil McGilvray preping for launch. Liftoff, check the flame. BOOM. now the motors chasing the rocket


NEILN5.JPG (61,572 bytes)
smoking propellant on the left and chutes on the right.

Photo's by Neil McGilvray?

MOTOR01.JPG (133,778 bytes) MOTOR02.JPG (129,441 bytes) MOTOR03.JPG (133,911 bytes) MOTOR04.JPG (94,522 bytes)
Neil McGilvray with his short burn N motor. The motor casing, missing the top half. The top half, that AP flaten A closer look at the top half.


MOTOR05.JPG (108,906 bytes) MOTOR06.JPG (116,669 bytes) MOTOR07.JPG (118,195 bytes) MOTOR08.JPG (99,842 bytes)
A look of the back side of the top. The slug that told the story. This shows were the motor burned between the liner and slug. Free burning slug.

Photo's by Justin Gleiter

MD57001.JPG (8,000 bytes) MD57002.JPG (6,000 bytes) MGGPrep.JPG (6,000 bytes) SycloneGG.JPG (6,000 bytes)
Fred Wallace's Big WaHoo, flight #8? Yea, another M motor. Joe May's Monster Justin prepping for his M flight Justin Gleiter's Syclone on a M2400 Green Gorilla

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