ESL #32 Photo Gallery

March 18-19, 2000, Higgs Farm, Price Maryland
This was not a Tripoli Sanction Launch.

Photo's by Jay Sessler

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Jay Sessler's "American Flyer" American Flyer on a K550 Tyler Bradley and his Oozin Illusion with a J230 Tyler Bradley's "Jabberwocky" on a J230 skidmark.


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Fred Schumacher with his rocket Fred's son Josh rocket. David Weber's "Kick Heid" Tim Nist two stage Wac Coporal


march1.jpg (164,747 bytes) march10.jpg (198,789 bytes) march11.jpg (120,745 bytes) march3.jpg (141,002 bytes)
Bill Rossi's rocket on a red eye Joe May's Monster on an M1015 and 6 H238 (close up) Joe May's rocket wide shot unknown #1


Photo's by Fred Wallace

FRED5318.JPG (142,950 bytes) FRED6318.JPG (93,349 bytes) FRED7318.JPG (83,106 bytes) FRED8318.JPG (86,306 bytes)
Once I enter the flight cards I'll know who's rocket this is on a big L motor.


NEIL1318.JPG (107,186 bytes) NEIL2318.JPG (139,000 bytes) FREDD318.JPG (103,295 bytes) FRED3318.JPG (117,179 bytes)
Neil McGilvray's M rocket on a M2250 Neil's rocket still going. Fred Wallace's "Milithry Justice" on a J340 Fred recoverys as well as he fly's.


FRED9318.JPG (138,237 bytes) FREDA318.JPG (112,438 bytes) FREDB318.JPG (116,312 bytes) FREDC318.JPG (119,295 bytes)
The launch crew, after setting up the rack. Our frozen Prefect Dave Bullis and his friend Lynn. That's Mike Banz, Kathy Gilliand and Bob Utley building motors. The parking was packed.


FRED1318.JPG (117,203 bytes) FRED2318.JPG (111,575 bytes) FRED4318.JPG (104,186 bytes)
Unknows #2 Steven Hackett's "Sandhawk" on a H123 Sean McAndrews "Falcon" on a J350 on it's way to 3700'


Photo's by Bill Mantell

JMOST.JPG (111,214 bytes) JMONST2.JPG (80,146 bytes) JMONST3.JPG (76,204 bytes) DAVEYO.JPG (79,408 bytes)
Joe May's "Monster" with Brian Slojeck at liftoff still climbing Dave Young and JR's "Patriot" on a K550


NEILP1.JPG (101,942 bytes) NEILP2.JPG (105,902 bytes) NEILP3.JPG (75,345 bytes) NEILP6.JPG (76,305 bytes)
Neil McGilvray's "Up Chuck" pumpkin rocket. always needs help great boost. landing in a field of fresh cow pies, lots of them.


NEILP4.JPG (125,954 bytes) NEILP5.JPG (114,804 bytes) NEIL1B.JPG (78,888 bytes) NEILT.JPG (140,653 bytes)
If you can get pass the smell. heres some cow pie rocket. Neil McGilvray's "P&G" rocket on a M2240 Ted Proseus show the hole Neils rocket left.


PRATT.JPG (88,566 bytes) PRATT2.JPG (88,977 bytes) BOBBK.JPG (78,888 bytes) KATHY1.JPG (140,653 bytes)
Doug Pratt running to the pads. Doug Pratts RATT Demo Rocket Unknown #3 Kathy Gilliand's "Two the Stars" on a Green Gorilla K450.


NIKE.JPG (78,497 bytes) RED.JPG (80,099 bytes) RED2.JPG (82,443 bytes) RWB.JPG (77,447 bytes)
Unknown #4 Unknown #5 Unknown #6 Jay Sessler's "American Flyer"


TNIST1.JPG (104,187 bytes) TNIST2.JPG (87,255 bytes) TNIST3.JPG (72,787 bytes) TNIST4.JPG (70,594 bytes)
Tim Nist's "Wac Corpal" Boost 2nd stage lights 2nd stage burnout


UNK1.JPG (79,930 bytes) UNK2.JPG (80,473 bytes) UNK3.JPG (73,766 bytes) UNK4.JPG (100,038 bytes)
Jerry O'Sullivan's rocket "Take 5" on an I200 Unknown #8 Unknown #9 Unknown #10


WHO.JPG (117,432 bytes) WHO2.JPG (100,274 bytes) YELLO.JPG (77,574 bytes) YELLO2.JPG (81,767 bytes)
Jeff Davenport's "Dynamo2" Dynamo2 at liftoff. Kevin Quire's "Ms. Gillian" on a AT J415 to 3500'. Unknown #14


NEIL1A.JPG (94,377 bytes) UNK5.JPG (100,038 bytes) UNK6.JPG (95,003 bytes) WHITE.JPG (79,962 bytes)
Nelson Wallace with his new vido camera rocket. Unknown #15 Unknown #16 Unknown #17


Photo's by Jerry O'Sullivan

JO1.JPG (102,269 bytes) JO2.JPG (139,626 bytes) JO3.JPG (78.374 bytes) JO4.JPG (79,461 bytes)
Jerry O'Sullivan's "Murphy's Law" on a K450 Dustin Crabtree's "Big Red" on a L1700 Kevin Quire's "Ms. Jillion" on a J415 Tim Nist's "Magnum" on a K1250 and I200


JO5.JPG (110,922 bytes) JO6.JPG (78,416 bytes) JO7.JPG (125,759 bytes) JO8.JPG (104,409 bytes)
Jerry O'Sullivan's "Honest John" on a I284 Dustin Crabtree's "Big Red" on a L1700 Unknown #18 Unknown #19


JO9.JPG (127,628 bytes) JO10.JPG (84,606 bytes) JO11.JPG (123,918 bytes) JO12.JPG (72,306 bytes)
Unknown #20 Kevin Mitchell's "Sandhawk" on a USR L1000 Unknown #22 Unknown #23


JO13.JPG (127,628 bytes) JO14.JPG (84,606 bytes)
Unknown #24 Jerry O'Sullivan with his "Murphy's Law"

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