ESL #31 Photo Gallery

February 26-27, 2000, Higgs Farm, Price Maryland
This was not a Tripoli Sanction Launch.

Congratulations Tim.

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Tim Nist's "Honest John" on a M1939.Photo by Bill Mantell Going for Level 3, Photo by Bill Mantell 9400' and Tim got his Level 3, Photo by Bill Mantell


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Tim Nist's Level 3, Photo by Fred Wallace Tim Nist as a new Level 3, Photo by Fred Wallace.


Photo's by Fred Wallace

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Neil McGilvray's K1250. Dave Bullis's "Liq. Nail Special" Meagan Wallace, waiting on the barn to fall. Joking between launches.


Photo's by Bill Mantell

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Scott McCluskey "AmRaam 4" on a I 284. Uh-oh, forward closer gone. Toast time now. Dustin Crabtree's "Big Red" on a L1660 to 10500'


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Roger Dwyer's " Black Brandt" on a K550. Roger's rocket just keeps going. Fred Schumacher's "Sabre" on a I435. Kathy Gilliand's "Sky Taxi" on a I 161.


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David Weber's "Norad" on a G80. T+.5. T+1. David Weber's "Kick the Bucket" on a F20.


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Kevin Mitchell's "No Name" on a J460 Nice flight Kevin Dave Bullis's "Liq. Nail Special" on a K1100. David's rocket still going..


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LCO table is always busy. Joe's checking the wind, the others are breathing heavy. Nelson Wallace, checking the rockets for his Bay Jump. Yep, that's me with my "Crayon"


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The long walk back after the flight. Neil McGilvray's "Cowabunga, Cow a Baloney, rocket" on a K1250. Lets Start, Unknown #1 Unknown #2


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Unknown #3 Unknown #4 Unknown #5 Unknown #6


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Ah, man, don't tell me that! David, Pete and Neil

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