ESL #30 Photo Gallery

December 12, 1999, Higgs Farm, Price Maryland

Photo's by Brian Bellerose

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Brian Bellerose's 1/4 "Patriot" on a J350. Brian Bellerose's "Patriot" at liftoff. Brian Bellerose's "Pudge" on a I 161, after a blow-by on the delay.


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Neil McGilvray's "Utter Madness" on a L850 and 2 J350. Neil's recovery, likes them colorful chutes. Bill Davidson "Honest John" Scratch built, on a I 284. Mark Polansky's "Nike Hercules" on a I 211.


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Fred Wallace's "Two Timer" on 2 I211, went to 4134'. Unknown rocket #1.

Photo's by Jay Sessler

jsbrusie.jpg (74,500 bytes) ESL30.JPG (93,114 bytes) JAYECLIP.JPG (97,174 bytes) LGOLDLEV.JPG (84,123 bytes)
Jay Sessler's "Brusier EXP" on a K700 and 2 I211. Ed Brun's "Flirting with Disastor" on a L630 Jay Sessler's "Eclipse" on a J415 Lloyd Gold's "LOC IV" going for Level 1 on a H124 and getting it.


mons12.jpg (74,500 bytes)
Dave Bullis's "Monster" on a L830.

Photo's by Bill Mantell

ECLIP.JPG (81,562 bytes) MON1.JPG (109,571 bytes) TEDP.JPG (129,090 bytes)
Bill Mantell's "4 Eclipse" on a K350 to 6221. Dave Bullis "Monster" on a L830 Ted Proseuse wishing he had more hands.

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