ESL #29 Photo Gallery

November 20-21, 1999, Higgs Farm, Price Maryland

MPG files by Scott McCluskey

BIGRED.MPG (3483 Kbytes) DIALM.MPG (2736 Kbytes) SANDHAWK.MPG (3997 Kbytes)
Dustin Crabtree's "Big Red", L1100. Neil McGilvray's "Dummy Money", M2500 Blue Thunder. Kevin Mitchell's "Sandhawk", K1100 and 8 G80's.

Photo's by Brian Bellerose

BILL1A.JPG (47,961 bytes) BILL2.JPG (51,645 bytes) BILL2A.JPG (89,013 bytes)
Rich Van Saun "Graduator", K1100 and 3 J350's. Bill Kirkpatrick "Blue Thunder" going for Level 2, and got it. Alan Gorecki Level 3 Ellis M1000, got it.

Photo's by Bill Mantell

bmbm3.jpg (90,300 bytes) bm1.jpg (44,200 bytes) bm2.jpg (83,300 bytes) bm3.jpg (96,200 bytes)
Bill Mantell's "Eclipse" , with Dave Lucas and Terry Chalfant Liftoff on a Kosdon M2240 Laundry is out, good job. Soft landing and Level 3.

Congratulations Bill, on getting Level 3 with style.


bmline.jpg (115,300 bytes) bmrso.jpg (57,540 bytes) bmlco.jpg (62,00 bytes) bmline2.jpg (106,600 bytes)
The flight line in the morning, watching a flight. Our RSO & CCO most of this launch, Kathy Gilliand (with orange shirt). The LCO and Prefect, Dave Bullis (with hat). The flight line in the afternoon, still watching that same flight.


bmiller.jpg (75,100 bytes) bmroadki.jpg (90,300 bytes)
Ed Miller preping his "UFO 98K" with a K650. Tommy Higgs (with beard) our land owner and "Chef"


bmneil.jpg (73,200 bytes) bmneil2.jpg (83,400 bytes) bmkevin3.jpg (53,500 bytes) bmuk1.jpg (71,800 bytes)
Neil McGilvray's "Dummy Money" on a M2500. Neil's rocket, still going. Kevin Mitchell's "Sandhawk" on a K1100 and 8 G80's. Kevin Mitchell rocket on a L1900.


bmuk2.jpg (72,200 bytes) bmuk3.jpg (47,800 bytes) bmuk4.jpg (55,800 bytes) bmuk5.jpg (72,800 bytes)
Andy Vovou's "Nike-Tomahawk" K560/I284. Fred Wallace's "Sky-Rocket" on a K500 Kenneth Mulder's "Jersey Skeeter" on a K550 and G80's Fred Wallace's "Big Wa-Hoo" on a M2400


bmuk6.jpg (56,500 bytes) bmuk7.jpg (75,300 bytes) bmuk8.jpg (68,200 bytes) bmuk9.jpg (56,400 bytes)
Alan Gorecki's Level 3 rocket, M1000, got L3. Jeff Davenport's "Magnum Twin" on a K1100, with 1 H124 and a launch lug falling away. Norm Miller's Level 2 rocket on a J275, Got L2. David Weber's "Sky Raider" on a K550.


bmuk10.jpg (119,600 bytes) bmuk11.jpg (62,500 bytes) bmuk12.jpg (86,700 bytes) bmuk13.jpg (88,000 bytes)
Scott Raumberger's "Nike Smoke" on a L1130. Rick Van Saun's "3" Stargazer" on a J415. Jerry O'Sullivan's "Murphy's Law" on a K185 for his Level 2 Unknown 6


bmuk14.jpg (89,500 bytes) bmuk15.jpg (54,100 bytes) bmuk16.jpg (69,400 bytes) bmuk17.jpg (81,900 bytes)
Fred Wallace's "Long Bow" on a H220 Ed Brun "Flirting with Disater" on a K550 Doug Pratt's "Ole Yeller" on a I70, hybrid. Kevin Mitchell's "Sandhawk" on a K550


bmuk18.jpg (65,600 bytes) bmuk19.jpg (93,400 bytes) bmuk20.jpg (71,600 bytes) bmuk21.jpg (87,600 bytes)
Jay Sessler's "Brusier EXP" on a K550 Unknown 11 Lloyd Gold's "Loc IV" on a H124. Unknown 15


bmuk22.jpg (88,400 bytes) bmuk23.jpg (101,600 bytes)
Jay Sessler's "Eclipse" on a J350 for his L2, got it. Unknown 14

Photo's by Kevin Booker (Bob Bookers son)

NOV21-1.JPG (214,200 bytes) NOV21-3.JPG (190,700 bytes) NOV21-2.JPG (135,400 bytes) NOV21-5.JPG (230,100 bytes)
David Weber rockets on display More of David Weber rockets on display Kenneth Mulder's "Jersey Skeeter' also Guy DeStefano standing around. George Sechrist's "Primed to Go"


NOV21-4.JPG (140,900 bytes)
Mike Ash on his way to the RSO table with his "Gemini Titan"

Photo's by Rick Oasen

BLACK.JPG (103,200 bytes) BLACK1.JPG (10,800 bytes) BLACK2.JPG (21,400 bytes) PAT.JPG (17,262 bytes)
Bill Mantell's Level 3 rocket In flight with the laundry out, great flight. Nelson Wallace's "Patriot" on a L850


BULLPUP.JPG (58,791 bytes) BULLPUP1.JPG (21,013 bytes) FLYNRAT.JPG (9,478 bytes) DEADRAT.JPG (17,327 bytes)
Bill Rossi's "Bullpup" , M2500 Bullpup with the laundry out. Denis Luoni's "Lit"l Rat" The Rat flys again.


LOU.JPG (4,140 bytes) LOU1.JPG (43,954 bytes) LOU2.JPG (10,112 bytes) LOU3.JPG (13,662 bytes)
Rick Oasen's "Jeannie Beannie" with laundry. Rick Oasen's "Grippendorf" in the smoking section. Grippendorf in flight. And the Grippendorf recovery.


YELLOW1.JPG (24,101 bytes) YELLOW4.JPG (33,115 bytes) YELLWHT.JPG (29,643 bytes) YELLWHT1.JPG (11,472 bytes)
Rick Oasen's "Yellow Chick" Yellow Chick under chute. Alan Gorecki's No name rocket, M1000 Alan's rocket still climbing.


ORNGWHT1.JPG (24,101 bytes) ORNGWHT2.JPG (33,115 bytes) GLIDER.JPG (29,643 bytes)
Fred Wallace's "Big Wa-Hoo", M2400 Fred's rocket with the laundry out. Richard Hickok "Attack Glider".

Photo's by Joseph Manning

ALLWRON11.JPG (24,101 bytes) ALLWRONG.JPG (33,115 bytes) ALLWRON2.JPG (29,643 bytes)
Nelson Wallace's 1/2 "Patriot" after the chute failed to open in time.

Photo's by Kathy Gilliand

ivan.jpg (40,164 bytes) sun1.jpg (48,640 bytes) tree1.jpg (78,565 bytes) tree2.jpg (66,910 bytes)
Ivan and Jeanie Barnsley's with their "Let's Color" rocket. Kathy Gilliand with her "Sun Seeker", Bob Utley took this picture. Kathy's "Sun Seeker" up a tree. Kathy's "Sun Seeker" another shot.

Photo's by Chris Brandt

BRUNK550.JPG (40,164 bytes) BRUNMAYB.JPG (48,640 bytes) OSULLIV.JPG (78,565 bytes) PRATTI70.JPG (66,910 bytes)
Ed Brun's Rocket Ed's fin can, it was ok. Jerry O'Sullivan's rocket Doug Pratt's rocket on at RATT I 70 motor.


SESSLERK.JPG (40,164 bytes)
Jay Sessler's Grey Rocket

Photo's by Wayde Winazak

1120NM2.JPG (84,398 bytes) 1120NM1.JPG (137,352 bytes) 1120NM.JPG (110,980 bytes)
Neil McGilvrays idea of recovery How close to my truck can I get Looking pretty good so far.


1120NMA.JPG (160,554 bytes) 1120NMD.JPG (109,336 bytes) 1120NMC.JPG (113,432 bytes) 1120NMB.JPG (97,212 bytes)
Good, the big part is on the ground Oh-no Oh Neil....... Thats not your truck with a dent in it.


112099.JPG (72,310 bytes) 1120BR.JPG (75,775 bytes) 1120EM.JPG (76,371 bytes) 1120JM.JPG (73,454 bytes)
Fred Wallace's "Big Wahoo" on a M motor again! Ben Russells rocket. Ed Miller's "UFO" on a L952 Joe May's "Mag" rocket.


1120JG.JPG (8,045 bytes) 1120MM.JPG (88,408 bytes) 1120RB.JPG (109,133 bytes) 1120UK.JPG (80,756 bytes)
Jerome Craig back with his rocket for a good Level 2 flight. Kenneth Mulder's "Jersey Skeeter" under chute. Randy Burst "Magnum" on a K1100 with the liner too long. Nice sun set, unknown rocket #17


UNKNOWN3.JPG (40,865 bytes) UNKNOWN1.JPG (38,165 bytes) UNKNOWN4.JPG (62,785 bytes)
Pat and Jims two stage, Pats last flight. Start of staging. Second stage burns out.


UNKNOWN2.JPG (57,608 bytes) UNKNOWN6.JPG (43,185 bytes) UNKNOWN7.JPG (40,563 bytes)
Unknown #18. Scott Raumberg "Nike Smoke" on a L1130. Ted Proseus "ASP" on a J340

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