ESL #28 Photo Gallery

October 2 & 3, 1999, Higgs Farm, Price Maryland

Unless noted, Photo's By Bill Mantell

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Neil McGilvray's " Socially Unacceptable" on a K700. Yes, Neils rockets do use chutes, sometimes.. Unknown rocket a present time..


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Joe May's "Monster" on a M1015 Dave Weber's "Sticker Shock" on a I284 Sticker Shock still going. Kevin McGee's "Ariel"


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Neil McGilvray's "Rancor" on a M1939 Neils rocket still going up. And it's under chute Augie Gray's "Ursus Horriblis" (grizzly bear) rocket.


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Neil McGilvray with rocket. Photo by Jill Weber Another photo of lift-off. Photo by Jill Weber


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Away Cell fire system. Scott Tyrrell "Flipper Two" on a J275/I284 Dave Young as LCO The Three Stooge (You pick which 3)


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Dave Bullis rocket Going higher and higher Dave's rocket under chute Unknown rocket


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Scott Tyrrell "Flipper Two" taking to the sky. Bill Mantell's "6 Eclip". The Original Mr. Allen.


Photo's by James Darrell

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Rich Custer with "BUMBLE". Ivan Barnsley's with his bigger Level 2 Whistler Ivan's smaller "Whistler" that started it all. Bob Utley's "Delta2" finless rocket.


Photo's by Ted Proseus

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Joe May's "Draco" on a M1939 Joe's crew on the way to the pad Draco under chute, as expected.


Photo's by Norwood Truitt

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CameraRock pictures of Price, Maryland.


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Pat Barber & Jim Stanlick M1419 to K550 "Project BS". Photo by Ted Apke Liftoff of "Project BS" Photo by Jill Weber Fred Wallace's "Big Wa Hoo" on a M1250, Photo by Ben Russell. Dave Weber with is "Archer" trying out for "Toy Soldier's 2" movie. Photo by Jill Weber
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Jerome Crag to the pad for Level 2, Photo by Kathy Gilliand.

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