ESL #27 Photo Gallery

May 15, 1999, Higgs Farm Maryland

Unless noted, Photo's By Jill Weber

JWDW3.JPG (65,442 bytes)
Dave Weber's Tuber on Flight 100! Congratulations Dave, Way to go.


JWDW1.JPG (119.932 bytes) JWDW2.JPG (98.432 bytes) JWDW4.JPG (107,491 bytes)
Yes Dave, after 99 flights it still needs to be RSO'd (Steve Hacket, Ricky Brown, and Unknown) A Kodak moment before the 100th flight. Dave Weber and his Skyraider on the way to the pad.


JWDW5.JPG (111,848 bytes) JWDW6.JPG (124,976 bytes) JWDW7.JPG (93,769 bytes) JWDW8.JPG (138,595 bytes)
Skyraider on the pad with a J460 Dave's Honest John on the pad, H123 A little quicker then we thought. Dave's Graduator with a G80..


JWDW9.JPG (116,632 bytes) JWB2.JPG (63,457 bytes)
Dave learns a few tricks on loading a pad. Neil McGilvray's "It's a black thing", uh, wait, this one fly's, it must be a B2.


JWDWD.JPG (111,782 bytes) JWDWC.JPG (130,465 bytes) JWDWA.JPG (104,138 bytes) JWDWB.JPG (68,554 bytes)
Dave with a real Rocket Sticker Shock and its owner 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Liftoff on a I195


JWBB1.JPG (92,218 bytes) JWBB2.JPG (130,465 bytes) JWKATHY.JPG (78,562 bytes) JWHACKET.JPG (107.563 bytes)
Bob Booker connecting the ignitor. T +.001 Kathy Gilliands rocket moves fast, uh? Dave Young's Patriot, but who's owns the other?


LANCE.JPG (67,575 bytes)
Steve Hackets Rocket, photo by him.


JWUNK1.JPG (107,393 bytes) JWUNK2.JPG (83,326 bytes) JWUNK3.JPG (87,974 bytes) JWUNK4.JPG (106,365 bytes)
The unknown rack of rockets.

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