ESL #25 Photo Gallery

March 20 - 21 1999, Higgs Farm Maryland

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Left: Neil McGilvray's "Amazing Grace" ready on pad with a K800. Right: Kathy Gilliands "2 The Stars" rocket on the way to the pads with a I100 (L Photo by John Gourley, R Photos by Bob Booker)


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Mike Rudigers "4 fin" Warlock on a J500, explaining it will work to the RSO. The flight was great the chute came out, just never open, sorry Mike nice rocket. (Photos by Bob Booker)


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Left: Bob Bookers "I Roc" on a I161. Right: Bob Bookers "Warlock" on a J350 for his Level 2 Cert. Nice flight, congratulations Bob. (Photos by Bob Booker)


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T Left: Nelson Wallace with his"Silver Streak" on a J330. T Right: Bob Utley with his "Screaming Attitude" on a J415 to 9500'. B Left: Screaming Attitude out of the tower. B Right: Not sure it's Screaming Attitude or someone elses rocket. (Photos by Bill Mantell)


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Dave Webers "I Killed Kenny" rocket, which he did on this flight. Just like in the show, next launch he will do it again.(Photo by John Gourley)


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Left: Joe Mays "LGM-22A Draco" a 76lbs rocket on a M2100, that was pushed to 5,073 feet. Right: Recovery. BC Another shot of the Draco.( L&R Photos by Bob Booker BC Photo by Ken Potter)


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Lastly, Ted Proseus's "Rigel" on a H128 which pushed it to 1140 feet, on Sunday he flew it again on a I150 to 2735 feet. (Photo by Bob Booker)


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