ESL #24 Photo Gallery

February 20 - 21 1999, Higgs Farm Maryland

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UL: David Lucas (his rocket) with stick, Dave Bullis looking in rocket UC: Dennis Sauer going for Level 2 UR: Drink that much and you'd smile too, Dave Weber with beer. LL: Dave Weber with a moment of silent for beer rocket LC: Dave Young prepping his 1/2 Patriot LR: Nelson Wallace with his car (Photos by Bob Booker)


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Neil McGilvray's "It's a black thing" flying wing, I not sure 20 feet alt. is flying (Top Row of Photos by Bob Booker Next Two Rows of Photos by Larry & Marge Kraemer)


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Dave Bullis newest all metal rocket "J-Turn". (First Two Photos by Larry & Marge Kraemer, Right Photo by Bob Booker)


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Michael Ash beautiful scratch built rocket for Level 1, sorry to say he did not get it. That's Mike holding his rocket, with Dave Bullis and Meagan Wallace.(Left Photo by Bob Booker, Center Photo by Jim Ash, Right Photo by Larry & Marge Kraemer)


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Fred Wallace did not have a good day. His Ellis Mountain motor did not come up to pressure, just sat there and spit for about 2 minutes before going though the rocket. The fire was quickly put out. (Photos by David Cogswell)


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Dave Weber's "Sticker Shock" on the pad and in the air, almost missed it.(Photos by David Cogswell)


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Neil McGilvray got his hand stuck in his rocket "Socially Un-Acceptable", but finally got it out and the rocket in the air on a K550. (Photos by Bob Booker)


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LEFT: Neil McGilvray 4" all metal rocket. CENTER: Nelson Wallace with what I call his "Lunch Rocket" RIGHT: Dave Lucas at the RSO table. (L&R Photos by David Cogswell, C Photo by Larry & Marge Kraemer)


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Dave Young & JR's "Over Budget" rocket on a J415, last flight of the launch. (Photo by Bill Mantell)


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TL: Leonardi Vince's "Pterodactyl Jr." going for Level 1, got it too. TC: Neil McGilvray's "Smoke and Mirrors 2"S.S." on a I211. TR: Unknown ML: Unknown MC: Brian Bellerose "Patriot" for a successful Level 2 on a J350. MR: Dennis Sauer "Pterodactyl Jr." on a I161. BC: Bill Kirby's "Viking 7" for a successful Level 2 on a Ellis J330. As for the "Unknowns" let me know who's they are. (Photos by Bob Booker)


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