ESL #22 Photo Gallery

November 20-21 1998, Higgs Farm Maryland

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Bill Mantell's "6 inch Eclipse" on a K700. Great Flight.(Photos by Bill Mantell)


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Nelson Wallace's Bruser Exp,on a K550 and 2 I161.(Photos by Bill Mantell)


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Kevin Mitchell's scratch built Sandhawk on a K700 and 4 H97's for a great flight.(Photos by Bill Mantell)


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Neil McGilvray's "Amazing Grace" flying on a K550.(Photos by Neil McGilvray)


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Fred Wallace's "Magnum" on a K550. The last photo is Fred doing the final hook-up for last flight of his "Waa-hoo". It crashed on this flight because of electronics failure. Fred has completely rebuilt this rocket since. Next to Fred's "Waa-hoo" is Neil McGilvray's "Cowabunga" to the right.(Photos by Neil McGilvray)


COWABUNG.JPG (118,938 bytes) M1419.JPG (100,551 bytes)

Neil McGilvray's "Cowabunga" on a K550 and 2 J350, Pat Barbers Level 3, separated at apogee. I understand Pat did get his Level 3 ticket on 1/31/99 at Delaware. (Photos by Neil McGilvray)


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L: Louis Discko's scratch built "The Hulk" on a K700 (Photo by Dennis Sauer) R: Pat's successful Level 3 flight on 1/31/99 at Delaware (Photo by unknown)


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